Domino’s Pizza Revamps Menu With New Offerings

L-R: Marketing Manager, Domino’s Pizza, Ilyas Kazeem , CEO, Eat ‘N’ GO Limited Patrick McMichael and Marketing Director, Eat ‘N’ GO Limited, Amalia Sebakunzi at the launch of Domino’s Pizza New Menu in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Domino’s Pizza, one of the leading Pizza chain in the world, has announced the revamp of its extensive menu in Nigeria. Labeled the Domino’s Taste the Xtra Menu, the launch reinforces the company’s commitment to providing the best customer experience through high quality products and customer service. Domino’s Pizza has uniquely customized its pizzas to suit the taste buds of its Nigerian customers with a significant enhancement of all the pizzas, including new flavors, at a more value driven pricing.

The improvements in the new menu have been designed to provide customers with better value by providing Xtra toppings, Xtra flavors and Xtra cheese at reduced menu prices to present customers with a wider selection of quality pizza options that are delicious and affordable.

The Marketing Manager, Domino’s Pizza Nigeria, Ilyas Kazeem, said “Our menu revamp is aimed at reaffirming our continuous quest for providing only the best quality pizzas to our customers. We are passionate about delivering hot, fresh, delicious, cheesy & juicy pizzas with loads of toppings to provide happiness in every bite. Also, reducing the prices of our pizzas is a way of ensuring that more people can afford yummy pizzas, and enjoy extra value.”

“We are super excited to introduce our Domino’s Taste the Xtra Menu which is loaded with Xtra flavors, Xtra cheese and Xtra toppings. We invite our customers to Taste the Xtra as our menu is now bursting with delightful flavours. As a brand, we listen to our customers, and following their requests, we have improved our whole menu to ensure that our Pizzas deliver an Xtraordinary experience to all our customers. We welcome our customers to explore our new pizzas and begin to find new favorites in them.” He added.

The delicious new cheesy pizza flavors are: Smoked BBQ Sausage – A Smokey flavored sausage pizza with lots of cheese & a drizzle of extra barbeque sauce on top; Chicken Pie Pizza – A first-of-its-kind chicken pie flavored pizza with large helpings of cheese; Southern Style BBQ Chicken – This unique pizza is loaded with chicken, cheddar cheese, sweet corn & a drizzle of extra barbeque sauce on top; and Beef Suya – spicy suya infused pizza to suit the savory Nigerian taste buds. The new side dishes are: Suya Wings, Loaded Potato Wedges, Cheesy Wedges, Double loaded Potato Wedges, Meat pie Stuffed Bread and Chicken Pie Stuffed Bread.

The global Quick service restaurant company continues to position itself as a society conscious leader in the industry with continuous efforts to prove their commitment to contributing to the satisfaction of their customers In Nigeria.  Domino’s Pizza Nigeria believes every pizza experience should be extraordinary and the team will go the extra mile so that customer can “taste the extra” in every bite. It offers a variety of amazing Pizza flavors, made from fresh dough every day!

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