NITRO 121: A Dependable Partner In Creative Business Solutions For Africa’s Global Bank

Mr Lampe Omoyele, MD, Nitro 121.

By Azeez Disu

Remarkably, only few Nigerian brands have been able to exist for more than a century and still remain relevant in the marketing space, and those brands that have been able to stay that long in a competitive evolving markets have had to deploy special tactics and strategy to survive. One of such brand is FirstBank Nigeria, a bank brand that is connecting effectively with it target market.

Interestingly, First Bank Nigeria Limited is undoubtedly one of the most respected and customer-centric financial institution. In recognizing how to transform its vision and mission to reality, the bank hired the services of marketing communication agencies, one of which is Nitro 121(formerly 141 Worldwide), a creative power house saddled with the responsibility of handling First Bank creative account. Through dint of hard work and tireless dedication, Nitro 121, has in no small measure helped the financial brand turn its briefs into successful campaigns.

Commenting on the strategic partnership with the 125 years old financial brand, Lampe Omoyele, Managing Director, Nitro 121 said, “We are proud to be associated with the foremost financial brand that has shown resilience over the years. FirstBank has not only remained relevant over decades and generations but has shown leadership by championing innovation through reengineering products and services germane for a changing world.

“FirstBank is one of the few brands that has lived over a century and quarter in this country, a rare feat that is build on sustainability of a vision to remain resilient and committed to delivering unequalled, unparalleled service to a changing world and generations. Key lesson here is to build a legacy that outlives generations through innovation,“ he stated.

Campaigns And Initiatives Deployed For FirstBank

In the financial sector, First Bank is a foremost and leading brand and this has been made possible not just because of its customer-centric products and services but its resonating marketing communication campaigns and initiatives that have won the heart of customers.

Omoyele explained that the iconic brand has won series of international and local awards for its giant strides. According to him, “The brand has championed many initiatives over the years across different channels of communication with awards to show for it. We are delighted that one of such jobs which was done by our agency [FirstBank Yellow pages commercial] won Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF) award for the Best TV commercial (animation).”

Certainly, he stated, the partnership with the bank for more than a decade has been fruitful, “We have been on the business for over a decade and we are proud to say that the relationship has been built on mutual respect, open-minded and trust”.

“We are happy to report our partnership on the USSD code [*894#] campaign amongst many others resulting to over 6million users achieved by the bank.”

Inspiring Operational Philosophy

Essentially, the agency’s cutting-edge solutions that are adaptable across channels of communication have helped its clients like First Bank grow.

“We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ marketing team. We partner to deliver on common goals and pride  ourselves on the ability to develop  cutting-edge solutions that are adaptable across channels of communication.

“Nitro121 is founded on strong and long cherished values of Responsibility, Integrity, Gusto, Harmony and Transparency which spells out the acronym ‘RIGHT’. So, we say we act RIGHT. Our mission is to create engaging experiences across touchpoints in order to influence behaviour in favour of brands in our portfolio. We do this by being strategic, insightful and creative whilst being cost-effective,” Omoyele disclosed.

Interestingly, it is worthy of note that the agency last year changed its name from 141Worlwide to Nitro121 and also embarked on a full rebranding which included unveiling of a new logo, upgrade of services among others.

Speaking on the reasons for the rebranding, Omoyele said “What we have done is an evolution and taking an opportunity to use a new name and identity to launch ourselves to higher heights in business. We are launching to a new identity that enables us to deliver superior performance to our clients, the brands and business that we work for.”

In addition, he disclosed that the metaphor of the brand’s new identity hinged on Formula One (F1) car racing has to do with the agency’s new positioning as high performing, connecting, unfettered, enterprising and youthful.

“F1 speaks of high performance. It speaks about a high level of teamwork. When a car driver gets to the pit stop, within a few seconds, the car is tuned up to perform at a higher level than it was. Nitro121 is a pit stop where brands and businesses come to, and working with us, their level of performance improves. Every brand and business that comes to the pit stop at  Nitro121 will leave us performing better.

. Nitro121 connotes a  new level of operations. The word ‘nitro’ speaks about high performance. ‘121’ (one to one) speaks about a higher level of connecting to our clients, the brands and the consumers,” he explained.

In recent times, the agency has evolved its digital marketing communication offerings and Omoyele said this is a reflection of its new identity. According to him, “We bring a new dimension of digital marketing. We have some  of the best digital marketing personnel  in the market working with  us. We have won some new accounts because of that. In the past one year, we have recruited some of the best strategists, we are reinforcing the team, we are retraining and we are delivering  consumer insight-led creatives.”

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