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REDWOl.F: A Dynamic Digital Partner Of First Bank Brand


By Jeremiah Agada

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Wolves come in great packs. They are beautiful, mysterious, ambitious, and have a knack for understanding group dynamics, which serves them well in goal-oriented tasks.

Clear-headed and strong-willed, the strength of a wolf lies in their pack.

With an innate understanding of the value of teamwork, they’re always ready to take their place in the chain of command either as leaders or simply as members of the pack.

The wolf is dynamic, like the disruptive digital evolution sweeping the socio-economic and political landscape with more people possessing smartphones, higher levels of computer literacy and technological advancement. This has defined new forms of engagement with the customer. Hence, organizations are now virtualizing key business value chain processes into platforms and digital networks.

And like the wolf, First Bank of Nigeria possesses the dynamism and adaptability required to stay relevant in the scheme of things. That is why it has been around for more than a century in the highly volatile Nigerian market, enabling technological, industrial and societal advancements; being resilient and supportive through periods of radical changes; and of course, charting the course in the financial services sector – achieving many Firsts.

An agency is only as successful as its client. Hence the client should engage an agency with similar objectives. For its digital dive, clients work with REDWOl.F, an innovative digital experience, design thinking, and marketing company that understands, selects and configures the right creative digital tools, teams, technologies and techniques to deliver on business and brand needs.

Built with strong corporate values that embody being strategic, technical and creative, the agency’s partnership with clients has mutually beneficial measurable results worth their investments.

REDWOl.F always separates itself from the rest of the pack, with offerings tailored towards creating easy, engaging experiences for its clients.

Omokehinde Thomas, Deputy Group Head, Accounts, REDWOl.F Digital, says,  “We are an innovative digital experience, heavily invested in design thinking with the understanding of the business. Then we select and configure the right creative-digital tools, teams, and technologies to deliver on the business and brand needs. We offer the analytical expertise of our digital marketing strategists, the experience and specialization of our web developers, and the originality of our design and creative team to ensure all-round perfection.”

Its core digital marketing services include digital strategy planning, content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and digital advertising.

Known for its creative development capacity, REDWOl.F aims to always generate attention-grabbing and sustainable ideas that will appeal to its client’s consumers, with a focus on constantly designing creative solutions in digital and branding specialization services backed by its in-house proprietary tools.

REDWOl.F is assertive; it resolves tenaciously to bringing omni-channel, industry-specific app development experience to every client. This is evident in the creation of the Magic125 Campaign and the development of the Microsite with a gamification experience all for the FirstBank brand.

Omokehinde Thomas, while commenting on First Bank Nigeria’s 125 years anniversary says, “This feat is one of a kind. FirstBank continues to tell the FIRST narrative in the industry and has consistently positioned itself as the bank to rival. We believe in the team and in the brand’s commitment to delivering unwavering quality service and experience for the coming 125 years. Doesn’t 250 years sound interesting?”

On the lessons other brands can learn from FirstBank’s marketing drive, she says, “Oh well, it’s pretty obvious, ‘Put the customer first.’ The ability to have a sustainable DNA that lends itself to Adaptability, Innovation, Flexibility, and Good corporate values, which must reflect in the value people derive from the brand.”

While commenting on REDWOl.F’s relationship with FirstBank, she says, “Our relationship with the brand’s team has been nothing but cordial, professional, respectful and symbiotic all the way.”

Like the proverbial wolf that never leaves its pack, REDWOl.F never backs off from a challenge. It carries clients along and sees things through till the end.

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