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Frontline Practitioners Celebrate Babaeko’s Feat As Face Of The Industry On Global Creative 100

Steve Babaeko, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer, X3M Ideas

Following Steve Babaeko, CEO/Chief Creativity Officer, X3M Ideas’ selection by Adweek, a frontline American media conglomerate and the gatekeeper of the global marketing practice, as one of 2019 Adweek’s Creative 100, respected industry figures locally and internationally have queued behind international marketing publication to shower encomium on the future-forward practitioner.

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On an annual basis, highly respected Adweek lists deserving practitioner for its Creative 100 who the publication terms as “Most Fascinating People in Marketing, Media and Culture for the year”

Making the announcement in its New York office for the 2019 edition which its released a couple of days ago, the organizers reasoned, “Defining creativity can be, at once, both obvious and impossibly nuanced. As the lines between marketers and makers continue to blur, creative talents are crossing over into culture in more ways than ever before”.

Adweek further stated, “Each year, Adweek celebrates the Creative 100, a roster of gifted professionals who inspire current and future generations not only with their work but also their passion for creativity across advertising, media, art, literature, animation and more”.

To show how surprised he was at the news, Steve told our correspondent, “it came as a shock, I was driving home and I was somewhere almost 20 minutes away from my house and I just said let me refresh my email because I never joke with clients’ emails.  Then I saw the email. At first, I couldn’t comprehend it. So I checked further and received other correspondents.

“Then I realised, they were quite serious and they were passionate about getting me to attend the event which is slated for 18th June. David Griner, one of the key guys and digital managing editor at Adweek has taken me through all the steps we needed to do. Yes, I feel really excited about it”, Steve said.

Reacting to the development, Femi Odugbemi renowned Documentary Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Director and Producer literally thrilled by the recognition said, “Great work speaks for itself. Louder than you can”. The internationally acclaimed Cinematographer added that the honour is “Well deserved and well done! while congratulating Steve.

In the same vein, Olusegun Patrick Odegbami, ex-international football star and accomplished sports administrator while urging the Steve to continue in his winning strides, said, “Congrats as I add my humble voice to recognition beyond the unappreciative home front. Go and conquer the World Steve. We are watching and hailing!!”

Soji Odedina, the Managing Director/CEO, First Katalyst Marketing Limited, declared Steve Adweek’s feat is a “well-deserved honour” while congratulating Steve.  Olumuyiwa Bamigboye – COO – Brand Align Communications expressing his pleasant surprise on the honour said, “Whao! Steve Babaeko is synonymous to Advertising in Nigeria, now worldwide”.

To the United Kingdom-based ‘Tope Ayedun, – Head of Marketing, Wavecrest,  Steve being featured on the Adweek’s Creative 100 makes a piece of “Fantastic news”, he said while urging the honoree never to rest on his oars but “Keep flying”.

Godwin Oriaku, Sales Director, BookWin waxing philosophical on the development said, “creativity yet another Godly attribute that attracts like a magnet”.  He counsels, “The minor in your creative space is the major waiting for explosion somewhere, congratulations”. Similarly, Abelini Richard Oshinibosi, Project Marshal, Abelinis Ltd, The Project Intelligent Company declared Steve as “Platinum shark” heading for “Global dominance”

Also reacting another key industry player and former President of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria and Managing Director, TBWA/Concept, Nigeria Kelechi Nwosu, declared, “I am sure you deserve it and that you will represent our industry well. Big Congratulations Steve, Well-done”. Just as Don G. Nwaokocha also noted to Steve, “You’ve done the industry proud. You deserve all the accolades. God always honour a humble man. Keep going for the stars”.

Babaeko broke the Adweek Creative 100 news on his social media pages June 13 when he wrote “I have lived in Nigeria all my life. Advertising is and will always be an undying passion, so you can imagine the shock I got doing what I truly love in my little corner of the globe.

The frontline Nigerian advertising egg-head who has consistently championed the cause of the practice beyond the shores of Nigeria, onto the global stage, particularly merits the reputable international publication’s listing as one of the most fascinating Creative 100. His X3M Ideas groups of companies have been able to fuse traditional Advertising, New media, Data, Music and content generation, and production and more into making sense of marketing the clients’ brands.

How did X3M Ideas get to the multiple vantage points with such as short time frame as 7 years? Steve reacts this way.  “I tell you from day one, we started this company, we didn’t come here to play second fiddle to nobody. We came here to “play” if you can’t play hard you better go home. From day one, we were determined to take the company to the global stage.  We wanted to be the best of local agencies providing world class services to our clients. We’ve done that at local fonts. Name all of the awards, we’ve been there either as a jury or as a speaker from Loeries to African Cristal to Cannes to New York advertising festival, we’ve done it consistently”. 

The X3M Ideas’CEO continued, “With our African expansion drives to Johannesburg; Lusaka in Zambia to South Central Africa among others, we are already playing in the big league of this profession today and I’m very proud of myself and my team”.

 To all intent, this is the coming of a new face of the Nigerian Ad. industry to the world. In a couple of days, Steve will be speaking to the world at the Cannes Lions Festival in France on the theme: “Telling the Authentic African Story”.  Revealing part of his case film to be presented at Cannes, he said, “To show the communication materials for Glo. Zeroing on how the brand has consistently used local nuances, relevance, and local stories to tell the stories of this fantastic African brand among others”.

He truly feels appreciative being vested with the onerous responsibility of consistently flying the Nigerian flag to the world. “I feel honoured” he said. “It showed we are closer to the main laurels than we think”, he declared.  

For Steve, things have changed and highly optimistic that the only way  to go is up for the country creative industry. Five-six years ago nobody would have thought of picking anybody from this part of the world but that’s changed today, he noted.  “I’m hoping this will open more doors so that young creative people coming up will join this list global renown creatives … We’re really hoping that that happens”

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