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Native Advertising Sector Predicted To Be Worth $400bn By 2025


Continued growth in the native advertising sector could ensure the global market is worth $400bn by 2025, according to a new analysis provided by native advertising firm AdYouLike.

The native adtech provider estimates that sector spending will jump 372% between 2020 and 2025, swelling the absolute value of the market from just $85.83bn at the start of the study period to $402bn by its end.

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Within that global picture, the US will comfortably remain the single largest market, growing to $139.5bn. This compares to an estimated figure of $27.42bn for the UK, which remains the largest individual market in Europe.

Powering these figures is the rise of so-called infeed native ads which are fully integrated within content, which is expected to drive native advertising growth over the coming years.

AdYouLike chief executive Julien Verdier said: “Thanks to continued technical innovation, easily traded programmatically, with video and display capabilities, the future is strong for native ads in general. Native advertising will be the number one digital advertising format of the 2020s.”

Figures produced by eMarketer indicate that two-thirds of all programmatic spend will fall on mobile rather than desktop ads by 2020.

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