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Boomerang Havas Africa: Deploying Unconventional Consumer Engagements

Lanre Oyegbola, Chief Executive Officer, Boomerang Havas Africa

The desire and passion burning in the heart of one man who had marketing running through his veins and advertising holding his joints together, Lanre Oyegbola, an advertising and marketing veteran with close to 15 years’ experience in brand development, management and strategy, had a mission- to challenge convention in the Marketing Communications Industry. As a result, Boomerang TTL was born in August 2016 as a through-the-line brand and communications company.

In July 2018, Boomerang TTL became a part of Havas Africa, a joint venture between Havas and Bollore groups managing campaigns in 40+ markets in Africa. Havas Africa is the fifth largest communications group worldwide headquartered in Paris, France.

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Boomerang was birthed to create value encompassing through-the-line brand and communication needs. Our core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. These elements are pillars on which we create and provide value for our clients, not just advertising or marketing their brands, but providing viable long-term solutions to both obvious and inconspicuous challenges that their businesses may be faced with. Like the boomerang stick, we bring back to you whatever you give us much better and in massive returns.

Landmark Achievements/Awards & Recognitions

  • Ranked as one of the Top Ten Media Agencies in Nigeria by Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry (RECMA); 2018
  • Aside the RECMA recognition Boomerang Havas Africa have decided to focus on building its clientele base in the best parts of 2018 and didn’t enter for any of the categories of the LAIF awards but will surely actively participate in the 2019 edition and hopes to win in most of the categories.

Core Areas of Competence

No business, no organization, at any time is in a perfectly satisfactory position; there is always room for improvements and more market territories to be conquered. This is why we offer a comprehensive range of marketing communications viz advertising, branding, strategy, activations and media buying.

We are consistent in our approach and strategies and transparent in execution.

Innovative Campaigns Deployed for Clients

Einstein says ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’ and this we very much affirm. To solve a problem may sometimes require referring to similar problems that have been solved in the past. However, creatively adapting those past resources is the key to achieving even better results.

The Opera news mobile app, sister to the Opera browser app was introduced into the Nigerian market, a kitten in the midst of big cats that had and were still claiming their territories. That was until Boomerang employed influencer marketing, activations and an overall digital campaign and the App became a name on the lips of her target audience. We created a ‘Shake and Win Campaign’ where we had millions across the country shaking their phones in hopes of winning airtime, phones and the grand prize- three brand new cars. We focused on 15 higher institutions and seventy-four outlets in six cities. The objective was to deliver 1.5 million unique installs of the new app within 3 months but we delivered over 3.5 million unique installs within same period.

On working with Emirates, our objectives were to remain present in everyday life of the consumer throughout the year and to work on the widest pool of audience possible gathered over time. We employed both subtle and not-so-subtle media in reaching the widespread target audience. At the end of the first month of the nine-month campaign, click rate conversion and generated revenue were steadily and profitably rising.

After launching the local languages series in Nigeria and gaining little exposure and average reach, BBC World Service knew they had to take some drastic marketing steps. Taking an experiential shot amongst other tactics, including OOH, Radio, TV and Cinema, then BBC’s engagement of Boomerang Havas Africa brought the service closer to the average individual through graffiti street art by renowned British street art genius, Insa, who did some GIF artwork on the walls of one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria, the University of Lagos (UNILAG). The street art raised awareness of the BBC Local Language Service whilst evoking interest in the growing target market. This experiential move boosted interactivity and talkability for the new brand, alongside the adverts which ran on TV stations and in cinemas.

With tough competition from big brands Molfix and Huggies, new entrant Little Angel baby diapers needed to be in the face of both prospective and current customers. By planning strategic activations in hospitals, neighborhoods and in markets we creatively positioned the brand as accessible, affordable and of great quality through sampling and customer engagement. This creative execution helped the brand to garner interest of would-be distributors and mothers alike within a short period. This on-the-ground creative consumer/trade engagement was equally supported with radio hypes and jingles, essentially to reiterate the brand essence and its unique value proposition of affordable comfort.

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