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New Study Reveals Tech Buyers’ Psychological Motivations And Social Media Behaviours


Independent digital agency LAB and Immediate Future have released a new study, B2CTO, which looks at C-suite tech buyers’ psychological motivations and social media behaviours.

The research reveals senior IT and technology buyer’s social habits proving to marketers that they can use consumer neuroscience and psychological techniques to engage them.

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The study launches today (July 25), providing marketers with psychological and behavioural economics to design, build and market digital brands and experiences aimed at tackling CTOs, CIOs and other C-suite colleagues.

The research shows that IT and tech buyers over-index against their fellow C-suite execs when it comes to their social media use. The report also revealed how many follow content relevant to their work, and how many use social media for networking for work purposes.

Senior IT buyers also use social media for finding tech brands, brands they like or brands they want to buy from – ultimately revealing that IT and tech buyers have varied motivations for their purchases and suggesting ways for marketers to approach them.

Tom Head, LAB’s sales and marketing director said: “Buyers rely heavily on brand content as they research, evaluate and compile their vendor short-lists. Savvy marketers should give them what they want, with useful, attention-grabbing content which they can also share with their peers in order to position themselves as thought-leaders. Status matters to these people!”

Katy Howell, CEO at Immediate Future, said:“There was once a clear line between B2B and consumer marketing, but social is changing this. CTOs and heads of innovation are now as much consumers as they are high-level execs. Knowing where they go, why they go there, and what they do when they’re there, can help inform a brand’s social strategy. Creating content that senior IT professionals trust, that takes the right tone, and that is easy for them to like and share, will increase the chance of engagement.”

Credit: The Drum

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