Panadol Extra Launches Toughies Campaign


Have you ever known an everyday character around you with a tough moral fiber who goes the extra mile, in their day jobs to help others, never stopping despite the many pains they have to endure as a result of it? Tough people, who would not give up on a task no matter how hard and difficult it is, just to put a smile on the faces of others even when they have to go through tough pains themselves?

These amazing people will go all out just for the happiness and wellbeing of others. They are selfless and tireless in their pursuit of helping others and at times we wonder where they get their strength from, because nothing seems to stop them, not even pain.

We know these people; we have them in and around our lives, and at times we aspire to be just like them. We have them on every street and corner of our country – making us a great nation with their selflessness. You know one common thing about these people? They go unappreciated most of the time.

They are Toughies!! And in today’s fast paced world, it is easy to take people and things for granted because everyone is too busy to notice. Panadol identifies with these individuals who go all out for others and would like you to share their stories so we can celebrate these heroes.

Panadol Extra recently launched the Toughies campaign last week; a campaign that identifies and showcases amazing individuals who go the extra mile for others, never bothering about the pain they have to go through themselves. It is time that we recognize these amazing and selfless people amongst us and say thank you for the life changing work they are doing within communities.

The launch event kicked off the Toughies campaign on social media where you need to follow the Panadol Extra page on Facebook and Instagram, share your story and tag a friend.

Do you know any Toughie? Join the conversation and keep up with updates on social using the hashtag #PanadolToughies.

Panadol Extra is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nig. Plc, one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies committed to improving the quality of human life.

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