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Airtel Partners Views Channel On Premium Content


Airtel Nigeria has announced its partnership with Views Channel, a subsidiary of Maxima Media Group, to produce premium content that targets Millennials and Generation Z.

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It is common knowledge that Airtel Nigeria is at the forefront of creative output compared to other telecommunications giants and produces memorable and story-driven adverts to stimulate the minds of the populace and establish its role in the sector as creative and content-driven.

A quote from Ibiyinka Dada, Digital Media Manager, Airtel Nigeria, sums up the goals of Airtel Nigeria in the partnership: “We decided to partner with Views Channel because they have innovative and groundbreaking content which runs in line with the goals of Airtel Nigeria.  We have decided to take the leap with the channel to reach out to Millennials and Generation z via pop culture valid content and series”

Content from Views Channel including but not limited to The Condo, Allisson’s Stand, Down on Twitter and Lyrical Play will be sponsored by Airtel. These shows define the goals of Views Channel as an innovative platform that speaks the language of the Millennial and Generation z, no matter their tribe or tongue. Airtel wishes to reach out to Millennials and Generation z through this platform primarily and establish its dominance as “the smartphone network”, seeing as Mobile and Web content consumption is synonymous with Millennials and Gen-Zeds.

Oluwafemi Ogundoro, the Managing Director of Maxima Media Group, had this to say about the partnership: “We are very excited about this partnership, having one of the most innovative companies in Africa behind us. It says a lot about what our brand stands for and means we are aware as a society of the need for Millennials and Generation z to have content curated directly for their needs. Airtel coming on board provides a strong base of support for this goal; although we’ve had other notable brands support Views Channel, this sponsorship deal is on a larger scale and we are so proud to announce it to the world.”

Views Channel launched in the month of July, 2018 and since then has been at the forefront of Millennial and Generation Z driven content. It recently celebrated 365 days of air time and is driven by the goal of reaching Millennials and Generation Z at every point of contact from digital to physical contact. Launching in 2018, and based in Lagos, Nigeria; it currently broadcasts from Channel 108 on StarTimes on a 24-hour operational basis, running with a goal of emerging as one of the top 3 channels on StarTimes in 2019. We are @viewschannel on all social media platforms and Views Channel on YouTube.

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