Revv: Offering Revolutionary Mobile Advertising Solutions


By Azeez Disu

“Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices” L. Duncan once said, but amazingly this is essential for any business solution.

With the intent to help brands and advertisers reach their customers and give the brands actionable insight on the performance of their ads and interest on their products and services, Revv, a new incentive-based mobile advertising app was introduced. Basically Revv’s goal is to boost returns on brand investments.

The app name ‘Revv’ was derived from ‘Revolutionary’ especially in today’s world where mobile advertising is increasingly taking the lead from traditional and online media. The platform was not only conceived to provide solution for brands and marketers, but also give them the opportunity to connect with consumers directly.

George Ugbegua, Country Manager, FlinkBox, a media and marketing company and owners of Revv said, “Revv is a revolutionary mobile marketing tool that helps brands and advertisers reach their customers in their micro-moment and give the brands actionable insight on the performance of their ads and interest on their products and services. Revv goes beyond just creating awareness.”

Meanwhile, Ugbegua said the competitive edge of the platform “goes beyond awareness. We give actionable insight and analytics to brands and advertisers that will enable them make informed marketing decision.

“It’s pretty simple, when you advertise your product or service on Revv, you can get insight on individuals who are interested in your product and what they feel about your ad campaign.

“Another interesting edge is that, with Revv, brands can target people based on language. This simply means that, you can show a Hausa recoded video ads to people who watch videos in Hausa and this goes for other Nigerian languages also.

“Finally, Revv allows organization blast videos to their own audience. This means, if an organisation wants to send promotional video content to its existing customers, they can target such customers once they have their customers details.

“We have created a solution that answers the question of conversation and micro-moment impact. Revv has so many benefits that cannot be described until a brand tries it out. The solution is different from other mobile/digital marketing tool. It was built in Germany with collaborations from industry experts in Nigeria. Trust me, we have solved 90% of the problems brands faces with mobile or digital advertising.”

Mobile Adverting Industry

According to Allied Market Research report, Mobile Advertising Market was valued at $69,781 million in 2014, and is expected to reach $243,703 million by 2022, supported by a CAGR of 15.8%. Mobile advertising means transferring of digital advertising content to mobile device users. It is cost-effective and highly targeted towards a specific group of mobile users. Mobile advertisers have realized the opportunities to use the mobile channel to reach the mass audience or an individual virtually from anywhere and anytime. Now, advertisers have more knowledge about their clients than ever before, which increases the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Further, it enables advertisers to personalize and customize advertising for mobile users.

A look at the Nigerian environment, Ugbegua said “The Nigerian business environment is fast becoming a centre point for major investments in Africa. Global companies have seen the need to take advantage of the Nigerian environment to sell or market their business and this is largely due to its population.

“We intend to assess this ever growing business environment by giving businesses value for their marketing spend. Every business wants value for amount spend on marketing or advertising and this is strictly what we offer. It is important to know that businesses who advertise do so because they want increased customer base or drive sales. With our mobile marketing solution ‘Revv’ this is strictly the value we offer to businesses and the uniqueness of this solution will give businesses the value they deserve for marketing spend.”

Speaking on the challenges confronting digital advertising in the country, he said “One of the main challenges in the digital advertising space is ‘Conversion’. Brands spend so much money on digital advertising with little or no conversation. This has simply made the digital advertising space a platform for awareness while brands hope that the awareness created online will help generate conversion.

“Truth is, because of the analytics and machine learning technology in digital advertising space, conversion is actually very possible but the question is, are digital experts or innovators thinking about how to use this technology to drive conversion for brands? The answer is no. This is why digital agencies play more on impressions, reach, etc and these are just metrics for awareness and doesn’t really guarantee conversion.

“The challenge then becomes, brands spending so much money on digital advertising with little or no conversion.”

However, Ugbegua pointed out that Revv will help solve the challenges by partnering with agencies. According to him, “Our organization operates in the marketing and advertising sector in Nigeria. We intend to partner with existing agencies and marketing communications companies who are interested in offering value and innovation to their client base.

“This way, agencies can take advantage of an innovative mobile marketing platform to drive their brand ads and give value to their clients. Working with agencies will enable us reach more clients and more brands.”

George Ugbegua, Country Manager, FlinkBox

How Revv Work

Explaining how the mobile app works, Ugbegua disclosed, “Revv is simply a mobile application that enables people get incentivised when they watch brand related adverts and answer survey questions about the ads. These subscribers are also called Brand Assessor.

“A subscriber downloads the app on his/her phone, registers and then immediately starts to watch adverts and assess brands to get incentivised. These incentives are monetary and can be cashed out anytime.

“Brands on the other hands get two types of reports. The basic reports that shows number of views, impressions, click through rates, demography, shares, likes, etc and the Lead Generation Report which shows metrics on product consumer interest, campaign perception, language penetration and ad performance reports. These insightful reports gives brands and marketers information on those interested or not interested in their products and services.”

Also speaking on how affordable is the platform for advertiser, he stated, “I’m sure you’ll think it’s expensive because of the monetary incentives we give to ads assessors. Fortunately, Revv is very affordable. Ads are placed based on your budget and number of views you want to achieve. This makes Revv the most affordable mobile marketing platform in Nigeria yet very impactful for brands.”

He explained further that the company’s core value and operational philosophy are it driving force it has made it come out with bespoke stories.We believe in creating innovative solutions that impact on the success of every business. We are responsible, friendly, creative and our solutions are very effective.”

The Team


Reviewing some of the innovative projects from his company and what to expect in the coming days, he said, “Some of our recent innovative initiatives are Revv ‘a multimedia mobile marketing solutions that leads to conversion’ and Treephub ‘the first Nigerian in-transit digital LED advertising network.’

In addition, he said that before the end of 2019, the company would provide post-air LED solution which is already working on. “We are currently working on an innovative post-air LED solution. We are also working with our sister company “FlinkTeshnik” to create solutions in Emergency Response, Traffic Management as well as Offence Notification.

Adding that “We intend to become the highest employer of labour in Nigeria in the next 5 years. Subscribers of Revv are also called brand assessors. As a subscriber of the app, you are not just watching ads and making money, you are a brand assessor who has been empowered to assess brand marketing campaigns. We intend to recruit over 10million brand assessors in the next 5 years. This means, brands would now have the opportunity to showcase their brand ads and content to over 10million audience through Revv. This is our aim.”

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