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The Media Independence space is not without its own emerging game changers. Algorithm Media, a marketing communications Group with core offering of media strategy, buying, planning and control using consumer insights garnered from industry research and market intelligence, is one such game changers.

Its game changing exploits in the industry is based on its operational philosophy which is embedded in its DNA. This is also down to what ‘algorithm’ is. Used broadly, an “algorithm” refers to a sequence of steps or rules designed to produce a specific outcome from a set of inputs. A food recipe for instance, is an algorithm for taking raw ingredients and turning them into a dish. It is also a set of methodical set of steps that can be used to make calculations, resolve problems and reach decisions.

Established 2016 with partnership with WPP, the agency has consistently provided an algorithm for systematically placing assigned brands at the very top of mind of the consumer. This is in line with its vision to be the most admired and preferred media planning and buying partner in Nigeria. Its consumer-centric approach topped by an excellent client-agency partnership has led to the consistent growth of the agency over the years.

The agency is affiliated to GroupM, a global Media network noted for its innovation, speed and excellence. Noted as one of the largest media investment group with an enviable billing, the global agency is a suitable business partner for Algorithm as their interests and offerings are in sync. In 2018, Algorithm Media undertook the next step and launched Mindshare and MediaCom as its media agency brands into the Nigerian market.

Heading the Mindshare arm of the company in the capacity of General Manager, Team MindShare, is Buki Osunkeye, a Chartered Marketer (CIM UK)& Brand Strategist with over 16 years’ experience in diverse fields (Direct & digital marketing, research, content creation, experiential & procurement). In a recent chat with Brand Communicator, she spoke about Mindshare’s competitive advantage, human capital development and projections.

On its edge, she said, “A client that chooses to work with Mindshare at Algorithm Media, will be relaxed in the knowledge that they are working with strategic solution providers and not just media buyers. We work with our clients to understand their business challenges across Nigeria and proffer solutions that are not just media-led but go way beyond our scope. That is also the benefit of having a CEO, Seni Adetu, a former Client (previously MD of Guinness Nigeria) with over 30-years’ experience at the helm of the business.”

On human capital development, she added, “One of our philosophies is to stay adaptive; we can only do that through continuous training. Operating Mindshare, locally here in Nigeria, means we first have to train all staff in the systems and tools used to deliver solutions to our Clients businesses globally. But even more so, we are very committed to putting people first. So, we encourage our people through regular and rigorous evaluations, to train cross-function and grow their skills set, not just for this current field, but their overall career.”

Projecting for the future, she concluded, “We are very excited about the future of media in Nigeria, particularly the offerings we as Mindshare have available for existing and future clients. In addition to targeting on new platforms, we are already working on a lot of new technological offerings that simplify our media buying and measurement and 1 or 2 that bring digital transformation to Nigeria through vendor partners in India, Kenya and the UK. In 2020, not just the next 5 years, I see a situation where Clients will choose to work with us for our solutions and not just because we won a pitch.”

Heading its Mediacom arm as General Manager, Team Mediacom is Soji Olaogun, an associate member, NIMN with over 17 years’ experience garnered from working in such places as Insight, SO&U and Maximedia-Zenith Optimedia in Media strategy, planning, execution and evaluation. Also in a chat with Brand Communicator, he assesses the young agency in its short time operating in the industry as well as the operational philosophy guiding the agency.

On its assessment, he said, “MediaCom Nigeria has given a good account of itself in the very short time it started operations. And I must clear the air here and let a lot of people know that MediaCom has only just started proper operations in Nigeria. Before now, the industry has known a ‘MediaCom’ agency in Nigeria, which was about partnership name affiliation. MediaCom Nigeria today is about ownership, real equity participation, with full support in term of tools, training and access to global best practices.

“In less than a year of opening shop, we can boast of multinationals like P&G, Shell, Ovaltine amongst other on our books. These were accounts that were pitched for with some of the biggest and best agencies in Nigeria. We are only just getting started; however, the coming months and years will really showcase what we have to offer. We have operated for about a year, and already our planning product is second to none. We stand out in the understanding and application of data. The objectives of client campaigns will give opportunities to demonstrate the creative aspect of our products,” he said.

On its people and operational philosophy, he said, “MediaCom is known globally for its focus on people. Our Mantra is ‘People First, Better Results’. This has worked for the agency across the world for such a long time. The belief is that when you take care of your people in terms of remuneration, working environment, career path management, training and exposure, you will automatically attract the best. The best people will then ensure we offer the best products to satisfy our clients and our commercials.

“MediaCom operates one philosophy globally known as ‘Systems Thinking’ and the planning principle is Systems Planning which is predicated on the fact that our communication has to be connected as consumers do not see TV as separate from OOH or radio for the  same campaign.

On its edge in the media independence landscape, he said, “Training, talent and tools are our edge in the industry. On the issue of tools, we have access to an array that ensures our plans are scientific, and we are able to answer a lot of the questions about measurement and deliverable that a lot of clients are asking today.

Its partnership with GroupM ensures an unparalleled advantage to its clients in the market as it brings together the best of a global and regional trading advantage and a systems-driven agency underpinned at its heart by data and people that are passionate and deeply rooted in the insights that drive the local market. Algorithm Media’s ‘sister company’, Ogilvy Nigeria offers a wide array of WPP offerings which include: Advertising, Brand strategy development and localization, Below-The-Line activations, Digital service and PR&Creative development.

Soji Olaogun, GM, Mediacom

At the core of its offering is media buying and control. The agency deploys an exceptional media buying execution strategy that generates the most cost-efficient media mix. With best-in-class media tools to deliver optimal productivity that maximizes clients ROI, it boasts a strong relationships with media partners and publishers across Nigeria and negotiate the best deals in the industry for its many clients. Importantly, it makes monitoring a priority as it monitors very closely campaign performance and ensure effective compliance.

Asides this core offering, the agency provides full service internet marketing for brands which includes search, display and programmatic, mobile, SMS and email advertising. Over the years, it has built long-standing relationships with leading platform owners, to ensure the best ROI for its clients. It operates with the digital strategy of connecting brands’ value proposition with identified consumer needs and help create a story worth telling to the target audience.

Using industry standard consumer data-driven insights and analytics tools to profile audiences and their media habits to determine the right media channels for effective campaign execution audience, the agency provides data analysis. Using generated ideas from conceptualization to the adaptation phase evolves into unique and compelling online marketing campaigns, the agency helps maintain top of mind awareness within the target audience by creating visually appealing and inspiring creative strategies to meet client’s campaign objectives.

Algorithm Media also has a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to consistently attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Additionally, using paid, owned, earned and shared media techniques utilizing various tools to create content that aligns with a user’s social experience, the agency specialises in generating online conversations around assigned brands, encouraging users to share and respond. Its social media service offerings ranges from online reputation management, community management, Influencer marketing, blogging and social sharing.

The agency is also into media consultancy. Its extensive experience in this field enables it find solutions to business problems quickly and efficiently, integrating the rapid changes taking place in the media sector. Its vast TV & radio content partnerships provide full support for assigned brands by brokering the right deals with flexibility, giving it a tremendous advantage.

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