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ICL Partners Moving Walls To Deliver Audience Location Data


L-R: Ayo Oluwatosin, GMD, Rosabel Group; Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder/CEO, Moving Walls and Tosan Omagbemi, MD, Interaction Channel Ltd.

Pioneer Advertising Technology Company in Nigeria, Interaction Channel Limited (ICL), in a strategic move recently signed a partnership deal with Moving Walls to provide upscale location intelligence for media and marketing services.

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Out-of-Home strategy, planning and buying, Digital marketing and Brand Activation, can now benefit from this 5th Generation cutting edge technology to deliver real value. Dynamic media & content planning is now made easy for clients and brands that would leverage on the real time data that this ICL Solution offers the market.

According to Tosan Omagbemi the Managing Director, Interaction Channel Limited, “we are engaging an ever dynamic audience, so brands that would get the right space per time within the consumer/media ecosystem must employ Dynamic Solutions which our advertising technology company is all about – Dynamic Solutions for a Dynamic Audience. This is the next phase for brand custodians that would not only deliver their numbers, but be part of the consumers’ play.”

The offerings of this strategic partnership provides solutions to the age-long marketing industry need for offline measurement, especially in OOH media. This ICLMW technology solution does not only deliver efficiency and effectiveness, it also delivers big on attribution.

Omagbemi added that this technology lifestyle solution would aid marketers and sales personnel deploy their consumer initiatives with an unprecedented higher level of precision. A robust synergy is now possible across media types, for example OOH Media + Mobile. Brands can now measure, optimize and track campaign effectiveness. Advertisers will be able to customize audience segments and use the understanding of time belt to reach specific audiences.

Speaking in an interview, Global MD/CEO of Moving Walls Srikanth Ramachandran, said “advertisers have bought media for so long, it’s time to begin to buy audiences – time to reach your real target audience. We are optimistic that our technology solution would serve as a catalyst for growth.”

Our strategic partner, “Moving Walls” is a Singapore-headquartered media technology company with presence in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Dubai UAE and the USA. The company operates Moving Audiences, a location intelligence platform that brings transparency and automation to out-of-home (OOH) media via Planning, Buying, Content-Serving, and Measurement tools.

In 2017, APAC CIO Outlook listed Moving Walls in the “10 Most Promising Digital Technology Solutions Providers”. Moving Walls is also a proud winner of Tie50, a listing of 50 most enterprising startups globally. Most recently, Moving Walls was identified by Unilever as one of the companies most likely to affect technological change in Southeast Asia and Australasia.

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