Keskese: Award Winning Agency Redefining Experiential Landscape


By Azeez Disu

Kayode Idowu, Executive Director, Keskese

Studies have shown that experiential marketing campaigns, or the implementation of experiential marketing into a marketing strategy, improves outcomes.  Experiential elevates standard approaches in terms of profit, not just awareness. Reasons why brands are deploying the services of reputable agencies to help them in this course.

In Nigeria, as it’s relates to creative idea solutions and execution for brand’s campaign, Keskese Limited has proved to be a leader. The feat it recorded at the 2019 edition of the Experiential Marketing Association of Nigeria’s (EXMAN) Award where it emerged as overall winner by clinching the Grand Prix is a testimony to this.

Aside this year win, it was the overall winner of the inaugural Experiential Marketing Association of Nigeria’s (EXMAN) Award, clinching grand prix back to back, thereby reaffirmed its leadership position in the experiential marketing landscape.

Basically, at the 2019 edition, the agency won the Grand Prix for its activation of the MTN mPulse campaign for the telecom brand, MTN. That campaign also won bronze in the Best Event (B2C), gold in Best Activation (Consumer Experience), gold in Use of Digital in an Event and silver in the Best Activation (Consumer Experience) categories. Others are silver for Best Event (B2B) and bronze for Best Activation (Sporting Property).

Tade Adekunle, Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of the agency said, “At Keskese, part of the things we have said from the beginning is that we would differentiate ourselves, by bringing fresh perspective to every brief we get from client.

“Our vision and originality is what drives us and we ask ourselves when we come up with concepts, will this concept meet international standard. That is what we always aim for at Keskese.”

Collaborating Adekunle’s statement, Kayode Idowu, Executive Director, Keskese, said, “I think one of the things we have that is working for us is that we are very strong in ideation. Apart, God has also blessed us with leadership and staff who have great ideas.

“That is one of the things that has given us Grand Prix back to back. Some of the wow things that we normally execute start from ideation, once you get your ideation right, you can go places.”

The Brand ‘Keskese’

Essentially at Keskese Limited, it has always been to generate the most impactful, deepest and lengthiest engagement possible for its clients and their respective audiences.

The agency is one of the most sought after in the country, deploying its bespoke services for brands such as Google, Cadbury, MTN, ABINBev and among others.

As a member of the International Special Events Society (ISES), its people are placed in a unique position to access and harness specialists’ resources worldwide for the benefit of clients. Keskese prides itself as an experiential agency which has time and again succeeded in creating a niche for the brands on the stables of its various clients.

The agency’s core area of competence are: Brand Property creation and implementation e.g. Nigerian Sports Awards, Naija Street Champ; Road shows & Town storming; Street level promotions (trade/consumer); Musical & Game shows; Events Management (corporate/brand launches); Management of sponsored events (live concerts, HORECA etc.); In-bar promotions; Sports Activations; In- store & shopper marketing; and Campus & Market storms.

The Campaigns

The campaign that won the Grand Prix for the agency this year is the MTN MPulse campaign. Basically, MTN launched a platform called mPulse – a website created for kids where they get to plunge into a world of their own containing several contents that appeals to the three domains of learning (knowledge), psychomotor (skills) and affective (attitudes) targeted at Nigerian teens and teenagers ranging from age 9-15.

With this in mind, Keskese came up with mPulse planet. The launch event held at Landmark Event Center, VI Lagos where teens and teenagers, parents and guardians arrived in their thousands.

The mPulse planet was fun-filled as it served as an avenue for children to learn, play and shine. A game arcade was set up with master classes for Lego Drones and coding, Virtual Reality games (VR), Augmented Reality games(AR) and more.  Kids also enjoyed life sized board games; monopoly, Ludo etc. There was never a dull moment as every kid was engaged with one activity or the other.

The proposition is designed to prepare teenagers to take on the future by equipping them with information as well as skills to enable them achieve their dreams.

There was also an in-house radio hosted by Top OAPs in Nigeria; Manny of Cool fm and Maria from Beat fm with special appearance by the MTN ambassador, Chindinma.

According to Adekunle, “The mPulse that won us Grand Prix this year has to do with teens, children between 9 and 13 and it was an internal pitch among the agencies and we came up with MTN Planet creating a pool of various activities that children can do both digitally, physically and using their intellect. It was something unique, had over four thousand children in a place and everybody had fun and something to take away. Those are some of the things we have created for clients.”

In the same vein, Idowu stated “mPulse Planet for MTN is a platform for teenagers. Last year we had about five thousand people who attended the event. The impressions and engagements we got for the event ran into millions.”

 Idowu is also optimistic that this year’s event of mPulse Planet would win awards the following year.  

It is interesting to look back at the 2017 edition when the agency also emerged the overall winner of EXMAN Awards and clinching the Grand  Prix for the Noiseless Party Zone done for MTN.

MTN pioneered the very first Noiseless party in Nigeria executed by Keskese. The Noiseless Party Zone was done in a night club ambiance in daylightwhich had students come out in their numbers. Each student had special headphones which enabled them switch between 2 Djs alternatively and the students danced to their heart’s content. This was a major highlight for the youths as they enjoyed themselves so much, they did not want the party to end.

Impacting Client’s Brand Equity

Adekunle explained that the series of campaigns by the agency for clients have had great impact in their client’s brands, citing example that the Noise Party done for MTN earned the brand global recognition. Also its Music plus is the biggest streaming platform in Nigeria now.  “MTN won global award for its music plus launch. Today Music plus is the biggest streaming platform in Nigeria,” he said.

He added, “Those are part of the things rated for some of those awards that most of the agencies won because it has impact on return of investment.

“The Noiseless party or MTN pulse became second world wide only to iTune after the launch. Am not saying it is the only one that guided the thing but the concept of the Noiseless party went viral. Even after the event it was still trending.

“However, you cannot say that only experiential activation deliver that concept parse. You can also see if people are signing on during the activation, different from other point of communication,” he said.

Leveraging on Digital

Adekunle said, “Most of the activations and activities we do now a days are amplified on ground and take it online. It is the only way, because how many people can you have at your activation point or at your event at any particular point in time?

“The only way to get the news out there is to amplify it, from ground amplification and you take online.”

He added that most of their events trend on digital platforms because that is the only route to go to reach more people.

In addition, Idowu revealed that the agency is planning to partner with experts to further boost it digital competence in-house.

The Future

Speaking on the agency’s plans, Adekunle said, “Be rest assured that we will continue to service our existing clients and winning new clients. Also, we will continue to come up with great ideas for clients that will connect the brands we work on with consumers out there, going forward.

“You can be rest assured that our can do spirit, our creative thinking, will not dwindle, we will continue to reinvent ourselves every day. We will continue to restrategise, we will continue to tap best opportunities out there. We will continue to retrain ourselves. And be rest assured that we are in it for the long run.”

Revealing other plans, Idowu explained, “We are developing other marketing asset on our own. We developed Nigerian Sports Award and run it hundred percent.

“In the first quarter of 2020, we are coming up with a music property, just watch out for it. We have several properties that we are planning to launch that can also engage consumers out there and along the line we will begin to find brands that can key in.”

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