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Morning Fresh: Providing Families With Superior Grease-Cutting Power Since 1992


At the 2018 edition of the Women in Marketing & Communications Conference and Awards, WIMCA, Morming Fresh clinched the Dishwasher of the year award from among the pool of other brands in the  its category. According to the organizers of the award, this was not just in respect to its pioneering role in the category but also based on the excellent feedbacks from primary users of the brand as well as the efforts of the brand handlers in engaging the consumer via various marketing channels.

It’s pioneering and long established leadership role in this segment of the market has made the segment one of the most lucrative categories in home care space in Nigeria. Prior its entrance, Nigerians characteristically made use of bar soap and in some cases, laundry detergent for dish washing, viewing dishwashing liquids as luxuries. With its introduction however, penetration of dishwashing liquids has had a steady rise over the years. Diligently too, Morning Fresh has built a very strong retail value sales which is attributed to its wide usage amongst the majority of Nigerian households, from small households in the numerous informal settlements to the developed suburban neighbourhoods.

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Since its introduction into the Nigerian market, Morning Fresh has consistently remained Nigeria’s number 1 dish washing liquid brand with over two decades of relevant existence and consistent delivery on brand promise, having been launched in 1992. The brand is manufactured under the stables of FMCG giants, PZ Cussons Nigeria plc. With PZ’s expertise and experience in the Nigerian market, Morning Fresh is specially produced to tackle with ease, every kind of food stains especially our local delicacies. The brand offers its esteemed consumers wide range of choices in its product offerings. These are available in 3 variants – Original fresh, Zesty Lemon & antibacterial which also come in several pack sizes to afford the consumer the latitude to choose from a variety of the brand.

Morning Fresh’s footprint over the years

1992 Morning fresh pioneered the dishwash category with its original variant
2008 Relaunched with the ‘Best ever’
2009 Relaunched with the’ washes 20% more plates ‘
2012 Introduced with the’ washes 100% more plates ‘ and an additional variant Zesty Lemon
2014 Relaunched with the innovative husky  ‘crown cap’ with the 100% washes more plate
2016 Introduced the MF Antibacterial and the ‘Superior grease cutting power’ on pack claim.
2018 Relaunched with a new transparent packaging and one sided label

Morning Fresh has maintained its numero uno position despite the many challenges in the Nigerian market as well as in the hitherto unknown dishwashing liquid segment. The brand survived and thrived under the economic and inflationary pressures faced by the country in 2017-19, which saw a trend of the 3 S of Switching, Swapping and Squeezing amongst consumers. It is also thriving well despite the low entry barrier into the market category which has given room to fringe and poorly packaged products to pose a threat to the brand as some consumers opt for them based on their low prices.

Morning Fresh has maintained this leadership and premium market positioning through its unique proposition of providing superior grease-cutting power which is evident in the brand’s consistent delivery at every use in the kitchen. It has maintained this position too, by leading innovation and setting trends in numerous ways with several mile stones to its credit. Brand Manager Marketing Manager, Homecare CategoryMorning Fresh, Ahusimere Ejiro Akindele Vivian, further emphasized that the brand’s leadership is consistently reinforced through its philosophy of consistent renovation: “Morning Fresh refreshes itself in the hearts of its consumers building brand affinity amongst the consumers. The use of innovative packaging, products and nationwide distribution and marketing network are a few reasons for our position. However the most important is on our product offering to consumers. With our power in one drop, our variants delivers superior grease cutting performance, first time and every time. Morning fresh has been specially produced to tackle with ease every kind of food stains- especially our local delicacies and this is evident in our squeaky cleans results after use,” she said.

The relaunch in 2018 was a continuation of that tradition and also in line with the brand’s strategy to combat counterfeiting. The dishwashing liquid presented its new look to stakeholders at the prestigious Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island in October of the year. The well attended event had in attendance some notable personalities in the entertainment industry, such as veteran actress, Mercy Johnson; popular actress, Dakore Egbuson-Akande; celebrity chef, Ifeyinwa Mogekwu of Ify’s Kitchen; food blogger, Yemisi Odunsanya, popularly known as Sisi Yemmie, amongst others.

Also present at the event were senior member of staff of PZ Cussons, which include: Managing Director, PZ Cussons Consumer, Mr. Alex Goma; and head of marketing, PZ Cussons Consumer, Mr. Charles Nnochiri.

Speaking at the relaunch event,  Brand Manager, Morning Fresh, Ahusimere Ejiroghene, had emphasized that the relaunch was in continuation of that tradition and also in line with the brand’s strategy to combat counterfeiting and to also sustain its drive to maintain its position as the leading dishwashing brand in Nigeria while reiterating the brand’s commitment to maintaining its leadership position in the market by providing quality and unrivalled performance, ensuring the brand delivers on its promise of ‘superior grease-cutting power.’

 “This new packaging we believe, will also help tackle the issue of counterfeiting and imitations of our brand – our consumers can easily identify our products and what they see is what they get. Morning Fresh continues to raise the bar when it comes to ensuring that our consumers are provided with authentic products. We are indeed excited and we believe our consumers are too, as they can’t wait to experience the new Morning Fresh in all its colourful variants,” she had said.

Yet another reason the brand has remained at the top of the chain in this segment, maintaining its relevance is answering the needs of both its consumers and retailers to ensure that both parties are duly engaged and rewarded for their constant support and loyalty to the brand. Ejiro explained: “Over the years we have engaged in key campaigns and marketing drives via grassroots activations; In 2013 we had the MF door to door campaign knocking on over 100, 000 homes to help drive penetration for the brand while in 2014 we pioneered the MF Community wash-A-thon were we actively got the consumers to engage with the brand via dishwashing competitions, brand talk and sensitization which drove trial and usage.

“In 2016, the brand launched its Morning Fresh Kitchen makeover where consumers could scratch and win fantastic prizes and also engage in the raffle draw competition leading to an overall winner entitled to a kitchen makeover. 2016 also saw us launching the Power in one drop campaign centered on the superiority of its grease cutting power therefore one drop is just enough to get the job done.

“In 2017, we kicked off Morning Fresh cherished moments leveraging August women meeting as a platform to connect with our Target Audience. Considering the success of this we’ve successfully conducted 3 editions of this activity.

“Not to undermine the importance of digital, we have constantly leveraged this space across our tactical and always on campaign churning out tactical campaigns like; Search for Nations best dishes campaigns, Morning Fresh cherish moments and always on like; Squeaky bargains, Tips Tuesday, Ms Morning fresh blogs etc. this has aided in creating top of mind effect on customers,” she added.

Most certainly, the future for Morning Fresh within and outside the country does look bright as it does not look to slack on maintaining its market relevance any time soon. Indeed, Ejiro Vivian echoes the brand’s promise of consistency remaining true to the consumers and value chain circle.  “Moring Fresh is committed to continuous self-growth and re-invention and that can only come by gaining an edge in innovative advances and keeping communication lines open with consumers. We do have a lot of innovative plans in the pipeline developing our formats and concepts based on listening to our consumers and giving them what they need for optimum satisfaction.”

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