MPXM: Delivering Highly Effective Experiential Marketing Campaigns


By Tunji Faleye

One of Nigeria’s leading agencies that have been making waves in the experiential marketing landscape is MPXM – Mabat Pro Experiential Marketing, an organization that delivers highly effective marketing campaigns.  Through activation of the creative energies of brands, ventures, customers and relationships, the agency has mastered the art of building brands in ways that fascinate consumers.

MPXM led by Nana Milagrosa Utomi, who has many years of relevant experience, covering a broad spectrum of integrated marketing communications, brand management, trade marketing, consumer insights and innovation, is surrounded by talented professionals with dedication, go-getter instinct to deliver at a shortest possible time. The experiential marketing agency is set up to provide clients with a broad spectrum of marketing and communications services; having insights, creativity, technology and execution at the core of their offerings. This company is an innovative experiential, digital and content leader, connecting brands and their consumers through shared passions giving brands marketing advantage.

Being a consumer engagement company, MPXM believes Experience Matters, its A New Way of thinking.

Mabatpro as a truly modern agency focuses on delivering highly effective and impactful Experiential Marketing Campaigns integrated Digitally.

Remarkably, MPXM has been delivering highly effective experiential marketing campaigns since it opened shop some years ago. The agency is amongst the longest standing and fastest growing experiential marketing agency in Nigeria. With the head office in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria and a highly skilled professional team, they deliver insightful and captivating individual consumer experiences.

By creating total engagement, there lies engagement with consumers at the heart of everything they do whether product sampling, life style marketing, luxury marketing and promotional distribution with unprecedented levels of reliability or social marketing events and campaigns with deep levels of engagement.

At MPXM, they derive their strength by developing campaign strategies and promotions based on their in-depth understanding of the target audience and the dynamics of the local market by utilizing both under-the-radar and high-visibility tactics and other non-traditional marketing approaches to connect directly with the target market.

Over the years, the agency has been stretching minds for a while now on behalf of famous brands and true consumer-centric super-brands. Interestingly, whether MPXM works directly for clients with hard earned reputations and high standards, or through agencies, respected and successful brand leaders in their own rights, the agency has gained an enviable reputation for delivery and technological innovation. Some of the brands that the agency work for include Absolut Extrakt, Martell, Dark and Lovely, Maybelline, Molfix, ARLA Chilled and Frozen Products, Chi Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Etisalat, Dangote, Tastic just to mention a few.

The year 2019 has been a remarkable year for the agency churning out one innovative idea or the others. According to Nana, “2019 has been a fantastic year. Although very challenging as a business, we have had opportunities to share some of our unique innovations and ideas with our clients. A few of our clients have been open to accept those ideas, however, that has always been a challenge, but as the partners that we are to our clients, we try as much as possible to manage expectation vis-a-vis budget and try to give them quality standard jobs for the budget they are paying.

“Among the creative innovations deployed in recent times, Molfix diaper is one that still lingers in our memory. This is a brand targeted at mothers, existing and new mothers. The brand needed to set up a strong community of mums who will refer other mums to use Molfix. They have done well in terms of sales and penetration plan with the pricing model working exceedingly well for them in the Nigerian market. We started working on their digital page and realized there were a whole lot of people there who wanted that engagement. We did a case study of what their competitors had done with some of those mothers and we realized that again, it’s not just show and tell; it’s about the experience the consumer takes away.

“So, what we did was to come up with a platform we call “the MO MUM’S Event “ – a Community Platform where we take our online fans and give them an offline experience for the brand and let them go back online, to share those experiences and create this communities for us. As such these Mo’ Mums become Molfix brand advocates, sharing reliable information on the brand, unique features and benefits as well as usage that further help improve their general well-being.  The offline platform was also created to integrate so many scenarios of a mothers life from a multi sensory experiential approach.’’

Talking about the effectiveness of the innovations on the client’s Return on Investment, she said, “Immediately after the event, our followership increased by 100% on social media pages. Sales also increased and it was easy for us to also sell out on other MOLFIX range of products from our client, which is the MOLFIX WIPES. Sales of MOLFIX wipes increased based on the request. An increase in the Market Share was also observed.

On the agency’s competitive edge, Nana said, “We are a group of extremely-crazily creative people in terms of our ideas and executions, and we are very considerate on budget which maybe is owing to the fact that we own most of our hardware’s.

“When we come up with campaigns for our clients, we don’t just come to pitch, we pitch from an Integrated Marketing Communication Points of view (IMCP). We believe that for every campaign, digital, out-of-home, media buying and even public relations has a key role to play. So, we propose what we expect from other key stakeholders too, and we constantly request our clients hold or have a stakeholders meeting with every communication agency on the project to understand what the goal is at the end of the project to better achieve one common goal and deliver on clients satisfaction.”

In order to deliver cutting-edge creativity in the contemporary experiential marketing world and adequately position itself in the industry, the agency ingrained in their DNA strategic core values and operational philosophy. Speaking on this, Nana said, “For us the most important thing is ‘accountability’, “if it’s not written, it cannot be measured.” We are accountable to and for everything that comes our way. We believe that proper metrics should be put in place to measure those Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and we are certain that at the end of the day, we are able to account in terms of expectation deliverables to our clients and to us internally as a business.

“Another core value that we have always thrived on is our strength on keeping up with trends and changes that day in day out break out both within and outside our industry.”

Worthy of note is that, MPXM stands out as an exceptional agency because it understands that a successful agency can only be as great as the brands it works for. This is why the agency is committed to helping brands succeed in the marketplace, working with brand owners to find new and innovative growth paths that ultimately lead to one place and one place only, placing assigned brands on the highest priority of the consumer.

The agency leverages on its unique brief interpretation to create exceptional brand experiences that help to connect brands intimately with their consumers. It achieves this by utilizing the right psychological and emotional triggers to develop marketing solutions. The company, over time, has developed strong competency in planning and executing product launches, consumer promotions, and among others.

Certainly, the experiential agency is not resting on its numerous achievements as it has plans for the remaining months of the year and next year. According to Nana, “One of the things we have done already is that we have bridge the gap between strategy and culture, rebranded and our logo has changed. As a business, we are looking internally on how we can infuse our campaigns with modern day technology that will give instant measurement on client’s expectations, KPI and deliverables. We are also open-minded, doing a lot of trainings, a few of our staff will be moving, we want to do cross market trainings with them and many other things that we cannot let out of the bag.

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