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World Quality Alliance, ISO Set To Hold World Standard Day In Abuja


World Quality Alliance, a global quality organization in partnership with the International Standard Organization is set to hold the World Standard Day on 14th October 2019 at Nicon Luxury Abuja, Nigeria.

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The world standards day is annually celebrated on 14th October by member of IEC(the international electro technical commission), ISO (the international telecommunication union). This signifies the means of paying honour to the joint efforts of the numerous experts across the world that voluntarily develop the technical agreement which are issued as International Standards Day and was formally established in the year 1970 by Mr. Faruk Sunter, the team president of IES (international organization for standardization).

With the help of international standards, technical obstructions in international commerce can be defeated. Implementation of the world standards became a critical issue post –industrial resolution. Through the first international standard organization was formed in the year 1906, the most vigorous expansion of started when the ISO was formally found in the mid-20th century.

World standard day was formed by the ISO for raising the awareness of the significance of standardization to the global economy.

Standardization is basically the method of development and implementation of technical standards. The conference was commemorated October 14, 1946, in London. The ISO was envisaged during the conference. The celebrations of world standard day are synchronized by different international standard organization, including the ISO, IEC,IEE, WQA (institute of electronics employees), ITU, IETF(internet engineering task force), e.t.c. a variety of activities are performed national standard organizations throughout the world.

World Standards Day 2019 is themed “Video Standards Create AGlobal Stage”. Learn more about the theme in this message from IEC, ISOand ITU.

Each year on the October, the members of IEC, ISO, and ITUcelebrate world standard day, which is means of paying tribute to the collaborative efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as international standards.

Video is the modern medium of expression. Advance in the technology  have change our world, revolutionizing entertainment, connecting friends and families across the globe, enriching our communications experiences and enabling major improvements in medical care and education.

The innovation of recent decades has driven a huge leap forward in video quality. And video has also become more accessible, helping people worldwide to share their stories in vivid, moving pictures. These gains in both the sophistication and accessibility of video are built on international standards.

The video compression algorithms standardized in collaboration by IEC, WQA, ISOand ITUhave been honored with two Primetime Emmy Awards, recognizing that these standards are central to industry’s ability to meet rising demand for video, one of the most bandwidth –intensive applications running over global networks.

International standards meet industry demand for powerful compression capabilities. They also enable smooth transitions to the next generation of video compression technology, helping industry to maximize return on each wave of investment.

Having standards recognized and respected all over the world means that video encoded on one device can be decoded by another, regardless of the device being used. This introduces economies of scale that help to grow the market, giving innovators the confidence to invest in new video applications and services.

International Standards assist the expansion of tailor- made resolution which can be adapted to the particular situation of a given city. They possess best practices and expert knowledge; they are also vital enable in guaranteeing the quality and performance of goods and services. This year, we shall celebrate the world standard day by honoring the vital role and significance of standardization in all fields of endeavors.

As part of the event, an International Standard Leadership Awards/Exhibition will also hold on the same dayin recognition of stakeholders that has helped in promoting standards in Nigeria business space.

The International Standard Leadership Awards2019 recognize the distinguished leadership in promoting the significant role of standardization in eradicating the global barriers to trade.

It will also honor the individuals / organizations that played a role in promoting standardizations and eliminating the global trade barriers

Standards basically help to confirm that all goods and services possess the same quality and standard irrespective of the place of manufacture. Based on the global agreement, standard help countries to accomplish various objectives such as providing a universal technical foundation for manufacturing goods, services or system anywhere and confirming safety and performance. According to ISO, the IEC, WQA and ITU by assisting to make at least one part of the international trading system more the entire market more efficient. Eventually a proficient and resourceful market benefits everyone including the consumers, testing laboratories, government, manufacturers, and all other members of the market.

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