Quickteller’s New Campaign: A Deliberate Move to Get Rid of Impossibilities


By Azeez Disu

This year has seen a growing number of brands get behind a cause or purpose. Quickteller, the digital payment arm of Interswitch, couldn’t resist doing something similar, but this time, it is challenging the status quo and urging all to break barriers.

In its new campaign, it is simply saying ‘everything is possible’ on its platform. The thematic campaign tagged ‘‘Everything Is Possible” revealed new offerings and the diverse nature of the Quickteller platform in making digital payment seamless.

The Television commercials (TVCs), which have just been released, are in two versions: ‘The Big Idea’ and ‘Possibility’ created by DDB Lagos, Quickteller’s creative agency, buttressed that everything is possible.

Interesting to note that both versions are in furtherance of the previous Quickteller’s campaign – “One less thing to worry about” – and reiterate the ease and universality of the Quickteller platform.

Initially, the payment platform was known to offer airtime, bill payment and fund transfer but now, it has expanded its offering to include more financial transactions.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign recently, Olawale Akanbi, Group Head, Quickteller Marketing, said “It’s amazing to know that you can pay for almost anything on Quickteller. At Quickteller, we are committed to making all payments possible on our platform.  This is why we are continuously expanding the services available on Quickteller.”

Akanbi explained that people now demand for holistic services and for that the company is expanding its offerings to meet the yielding of consumers and offer them great services.

“We have always been known for traditional services which is airtime, bill payment and fund transfer but now, we have gone beyond that. Today you can buy your event tickets, shop across 150 stores in Europe, UK, USA and you pay in Naira and have it delivered to your door step through the Quickteller Global Mall. Also, you can get a loan on Quickteller today and as well as buy flight tickets. We are not stopping there; we are trying to get every single bit of lifestyle service that we know the consumers require in their day to day lives.”

He added that people can pay their estate dues and make transport and toll payments on the platform. He further stated that the additional services are proactive approach to continue to offer top niche services and think ahead of the consumers.

Services available on the platform include schools and examination fees payments, state government payments, purchase of airtime, tax payments, funds transfer, payment of cable bills (TV), quick loans, event tickets, online shopping from over 150 global stores, JAMB ePins and every other thing you can think of.

The Campaign

The commercials (two versions) used humour and creativity to subtly drive in the point that on Quickteller, a user can pay for almost anything he can imagine.

Explaining the campaign, Akanbi said “this campaign illustrates the compelling point that Quickteller makes almost any payment possible. Both versions of the campaign are a natural flow from the previous campaign and consistent with our messaging that payments are easier and most convenient on the Quickteller platform. It is simply a visual metaphor for everyday payments made easy by Quickteller.”

Meanwhile, speaking on the rationale behind the campaign, Olawande Oyewole, Brand Creative Lead, DDB Lagos explained that the dynamism of the human (customers) needs necessitated the introduction of the additional services on the Quickteller platform. He further explained that the TVC is used to demonstrate the improved efficiency, quality service, innovative solutions and remarkable experience now available to customers on the Quickteller platform.

The ‘Big Idea’

The one-minute TVC tagged ‘Big Idea’, had renowned celebrities like Bovi (a leading Comedian), Ini Dima Okojie (Nollywood actress) and Eric Omondi (a Comedian based in Kenya) sitting down for a brainstorming session to ideate on what they can actually do with Quickteller.

For Bovi, getting a new apartment and getting a helicopter was something possible with the Quickteller platform.

Meanwhile, for Ini, shopping in a global mall was what mattered to her. Her idea was the possibility to shop for virtually everything from a global mall on the Quickteller platform.

Eric on his part painted a picture of him and his friend embarking on a philanthropic gesture by paying school fees for children who were sent out of school. For him, he was able to pay their fees using Quickteller and the children were off the streets and back to school.

The campaign is simple and explains that no matter your imagination as regards digital payment, everything is possible on Quickteller platform. Also, the commercial shows that the platform is global and safe for customers.

In expatiating the “Big Idea” ad, Olawande explained the reason behind the use of a brainstorming session as against piecemeal shooting of the specific ideas. He explained that it gave a holistic view of the services available on the platform. He added that the choice of actors; Bovi, Ini Dima Okojie and Eric Omondi is because of their relatable comic dexterity.


Similarly, the TVC ‘Possibility’ is in line with the “everything is possible’’ campaign. It is short yet catchy and amazing. The 30 seconds commercial showed a man riding a unicycle and at the same time rolling two balls artistically with his fingers. After a while, he dropped a ball and brought out his phone from his pocket to make a transaction on his Quickteller account while he continued riding.

After his transaction on Quickteller, he returned his phone to his pocket and continued to display his captivating performance with his unicycle.

The man on the unicycle and his display is a subtle way to get the attention of viewers and drive home the message that “everything is possible” on the Quickteller platform.

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