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Verve: Reinforcing Leadership With ‘Live The Good Life’ Thematic Campaign


By Azeez Disu

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There is a popular saying that Life is too short; enjoy your days, laugh at every chance, cry only if you must, and never let others bring you down.

Today ad campaigns evoke strong emotions and are developed around emotions of happiness, celebration and good life. The campaigns resonate with consumers and stay in their minds for days, weeks, months and even years, influencing their purchasing decisions.

Amazingly, riding on the back of its 10th anniversary celebration, Verve recently launched a new thematic brand campaign – “Live the Good Life” to reinforce its commitment to enabling the good life for cardholder.

 Verve, owned by Interswitch Group, is the largest domestic card scheme in Africa.  With a commitment to making payment seamless, safer and rewarding, Verve has a bouquet of products which include: Verve Classic card and Verve Global.

The new campaign is centered on the idea of “The good life”. It seeks to spark a conversation with everyday people on the core motivation that gets them going day after day: Pursuit of the Good Life.

It also looks at the basic human motive and what inspires Nigerians, indeed Africans, to pursue and live the Good Life beyond the boundaries of their localities with four distinct adverts to buttress the “Live the Good Life” campaign.

The Motives

Speaking on the idea behind the TVCs and the campaign, Adewole Adedeji, Group Head, Verve Marketing stated that the campaign is in furtherance of Verve’s commitment to enable seamless payment experience for its cardholders. “Verve is the rewarding way to make payments and it is very important to us at Verve to ensure that however you desire to live the good life, we are there with you and for you to make it happen in an easy and memorable way.

“Verve is not only a payment card. It is also a cardless payment gateway. Verve has become a lifestyle, an embodiment of our identity. As expressed in Verve’s new communication, this is the card that truly “gets us” as Nigerians.  It is the way we pay at home and abroad, at the cinema, shopping mall, the gym, local restaurant, etc. Verve is defining the way we interact with each other and at everyday touchpoints. Verve is the only card scheme in Nigeria that is domestically African and also truly international,” he added.

In addition, according to the company, Verve’s Good Life story is about altruism, it’s also about enjoying the warmth of social connections, the joy of wellness, health and wellbeing.

Interestingly, the good life means different things to different people.  Whatever the good life means to each individual, cardholders are enabled by a brand that supports them to live that life by providing a seamless payment gateway.

The story telling uses humor, wittiness, and fun. The communication is upbeat, expresses the energy of our people, plays up some emotion, dials up cues of people’s aspirations, and lands the message on the role of Verve as an enabler of the Good Life and “the rewarding way to make payments”.

Review: The Four Stories Told

“A good story makes you feel something and is universal. They want to grasp your values and your commitment to excellence; be inspired and intrigued. Storytelling is the most powerful way to convey these ideas.” ~Mark Truby, Vice President of Communications, Ford Motor Company once said.

The brand campaign seeks to inspire conversation about what the good life means to people. The brand has thus used storytelling to express this in its four executions/TVC versions: Omnibus: featuring a collation of good life experiences; Music of the soul: featuring Odunlade Adekola and Sanni Musa Danja; Buka: featuring Beverly Naya and Yoga moves: featuring Odunlade Adekola which is yet to be aired.

The Buka Ad and Lessons

The 30 sec advert is short and simple. It is all about enjoying a local meal at a local restaurant and that is what living a life is means to some.

The TVC captured Nollywood Actress, Beverly Naya at a Buka where she was enjoying her sumptuous local meal with many mouth-watering delicacies. Engrossed in the meal and enjoying every bit of the food, and not concerned about the stares from other customers, she throws away her wig and felt at ease as she continued eating.

Many of the on-lookers who were men didn’t expect such a sophisticated lady to act in such manner but she felt joyful and delighted in such environment and letting go of her wig. 

After finishing her meal, she handed her Verve card to the attendant and requested for more food. The TVC ended but the recurrent message was “The good life …is whatever you want it to be.”

In a nut-shell, Verve is saying no matter who you are; you can live the good life, eat well, do great things, express yourself, be at your best and be happy at any time and everywhere by using the Verve card as a solution.

Is there any lesson learnt from the TVC aside the brand trying to achieve Top-of-the-mind awareness? Well, it is inspiring, it states that you find your happiness and enjoy it irrespective of what people say and irrespective of their pessimism, just be focused and enjoy life to the fullest.

Beverly demonstrated focus in her nonchalant response to people who stared at her while she continued eating.

To live the good life, the most important thing is pay for it and this was demonstrated with Beverly making payment with Verve. Living the good life comes with a price, paying that price the Verve way comes with a rewards as Verve remains the rewarding way to pay for your good life experiences.


The60secs TVC featured celebrities like Odunlade Adekoya, Beverly Naya and others. It is centered on living a good life, focusing on individuals doing what excites them. For some it is wining, dining, partying and celebrating, while for others it is supporting loved ones giving, and taken on new adventures.

The commercial starts with the question, what is a good life? Thereafter the answers drop one after the other, “A good life is every day of your life. It is every day you choose to live with heart. Every day you choose to live in the moment. Some find it in living for others. Others find it in the quiet of solitude. You may find it in the adventure of discovery or in the gratification that comes with enjoying the promise of tomorrow. Some find it in the joy that comes with giving. Others find it from the confidence that comes from self love.

Whatever your idea of a good life may be, you can live it to the fullest with your Verve card. Choose Verve for the good life.”

The TVC is amazing, and the visuals portray emotions as scene from the TVC illustrate ways different people live the good life like couples celebrating, family and friends dancing, a brother giving his chicken to his younger brother, a little girl giving her balloon to a stranger (Odunlade).

Music Of The Soul

The 30secs TVC depicts the importance of music to the soul and to people irrespective of their cultural heritage.

The commercial shows Odunlade Adekoya listening and dancing to the gramophone disc he wanted to buy which was foreign beat. Shortly after, his friend, Sani Danja stepped into the store and the two reunited after a long time. The reunion also brought the memories of Nigerian lovely beat as Odunlade had to ask, the attendant while he made payment with his Verve card, “Do you have my local dance beat?” He added “Solid dance beat” while the attendant and customers (foreigners) looked on with amazement at the two. Clearly, the overarching message of this TVC is that the good life can be whatever you want it to be irrespective of where you are and that the Verve card will always be there for you.

In essence, Verve is passing the message that you can use their card anywhere in the world. This is in line with its Verve Global Card launched recently. In Short, the TVCs are amazingly creative and stand to resonate with the target market.

Below are the links of the TVCs:


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