Mouka Advocates Healthy Sleep Culture, Celebrates 2020 World Sleep Day

Raymond Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Mouka

Mouka, Nigeria’s leading mattress and bedding products manufacturer, joined the World Sleep Society in commemorating 2020 World Sleep Day recently at its corporate head office in Ikeja Lagos

This year’s celebration themed ‘‘Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet,” focused on sleep as a pillar of health allowing for better decision-making and cognitive understanding while highlighting its ability to improve the quality of life. The discussion further brought to the fore, the many problems associated with an inadequate or near absence of sleep.

Conceptualized in March 2008, World Sleep Day is an annual event organised by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society, formerly known as the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM).

Meanwhile, the Mouka 2020 World Sleep Day was an extension of previous editions; it, however, offered additional dimension to the emphasis on health benefits of quality sleep as requirements for boosting overall health and economic growth.

Mouka has been at the forefront of healthy sleep culture and production of sleep solutions specially designed to cater to the needs of virtually all segments of the society.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Murphy, assured that Mouka as the industry leader would continue to propagate healthy sleep culture in Africa’s most populous black nation.

“Mouka owns sleep in Nigeria and we must educate consumers about the importance of sleep to the total wellbeing of the population. Independent research clearly shows that Mouka is the number one brand of mattresses and other bedding products in Nigeria, that’s not me saying that, that’s not the leadership team saying that, it’s the consumers saying that Mouka owns sleep in Nigeria,”   says Raymond Murphy.

According to Dimeji Osingunwa, Mouka’s Chief Commercial Officer, the company’s business has been growing year-on-year as a result of the brand’s consistency in providing sleep solutions

The World Sleep Day is aimed at celebrating the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw society’s attention to the burden of sleep problems and their medicine, education and social aspects as well as to promote the prevention and management of sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders include insomnia, a condition that makes it difficult to sleep at bedtime or stay awake all through the night; sleep apnea, a disorder that indicates abnormal breathing patterns while sleeping; narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that typifies falling asleep suddenly as well as extreme sleepiness during the day; and Restless Legs Syndrome, a sleep disorder that causes an uncomfortable sensation and an urge to move the legs while trying to fall asleep.

These disorders are all tied to the two key components of sleep which are sleep duration and sleep quality, both of which relate to the length of sleep and degree of interruptions during sleep. Both components may affect mental sharpness, physical vitality, emotional balance and productivity.

Sleep deprivation (or poor quality sleep) is known to have a significant negative impact on health, in the short and long terms. Poor sleep has been associated with obesity, diabetes, weakened immune systems and cancer.

While Nigeria is yet to release data on the financial implications of sleep disorders, the global epidemic costs the United States over $400billion a year with Japan losing $138billion, Germany $60billion, the United Kingdom $50billion, and Canada $21billion

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