Chris Wulff-Caesar Tasks Marketeers, Brands On Reinvention, Consumer Engagement


The Marketing Director of FrieslandCampina Wamco Nigeria Plc., Chris Wulff-Caesar has tasked marketeers and brands to re-invent themselves, find new ways to engage consumers and deploy strategies that will keep them relevant during and post the COVID-19 era.

Wulff-Caesar made this known recently during the Live Instagram Chat of Brand Communicator, hosted by its Publisher, Joshua Ajayi, where he spoke on the topic, “Marketing Consumer Goods Amid and Post COVID-19 Era.”

In his view, the marketing guru explaned that businesses will have to evaluate their capabilities and benchmark it against current realities to remain relevant in the new normal.

He said, for professionals, “It is no longer about what I used to do alone but how to make sure I still do what I am doing in the new world or in the new normal. Also, what capabilities have I built in my business or organisation that I can use to re-invent myself?” he queried.

He also urged experiential marketing agencies to craft safer ways of engaging consumers in the age of social distancing as digital engagements or experiences cannot be compared to the consumers physically experiencing a product.

“Experiential agencies need to start looking at how they will not lose out or how they can come up with safer ways in which they can do some engagements without necessarily violating the safeguard that has been put in place. That is critical and they need to work with the times.”

He added that the business environment is dynamic and marketeers need to consistently plan and restrategize because consumer behaviour is changing very fast. He said that this means, marketers need to change the previous plans in order to suit the current realities. To achieve this businesses have to be flexible and agile, he advised.

“I see marketing becoming a far more integrated discipline. Marketing needs to be a lot more about the business you are in and how flexible and how agile you will be. So, you need to understand your business a whole lot more.”

Commenting on the upsurge in digital engagement, he said that despite the rise in the number of digital engagement in the country, other media like TV and Radio stations are still very relevant at this time to reach consumers who may not have access to digital.

“There are still some media channels that are still relevant today. For instance, in spite of the enormous rise in digital, I still need to reach my consumers in Benue State to let them know what is happening and where they can get their milk. I need to make sure that the radio station in Benue State is transmitting the information that I want. Radio and television are still relevant today irrespective of the rise of digital media.”

In another vein, he explained every crisis is in phases, which will fizzle out. Using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, he explained that first is the break out phase and the second is the recovery phase while the third is the New Normal.

He reassured that the recovery phase will soon come, adding that businesses that get their strategies right will come out strong after COVID-19 era. He therefore urged businesses to continue to evolve, be transparent and understand the changing marketing landscape and dynamism in consumer behaviour.

Chris Wulff-Caesar joins the exclusive league of seasoned industry professionals who have featured on the prestigious Brand Communicator Instagram Live Chat like LanreAdisa, CEO/CCO, Noah’s Ark Communication; Emmanuel Agu, Group Marketing Director, Jotna Group Limited (LaCasera);  Gbenga Afolabi, MD/CEO, GDM Group; Steve Babaeko, CEO/CCO, X3m Ideas; Mrs Nkiru-Olumide-Ojo, Regional Executive Head, Marketing & Communications, Standard Bank Group; Israel Jaiye Opayemi, MD,/ Chief Strategist, Chains Reactions and Mrs Iquo Ukoh, Managing Director, Entod Marketing, among others.

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