Plaqad Launches SocialCred, Africa’s First Social Media Clout Ranking App


Africa’s Leading Marketing Technology Company, Plaqad has launched SocialCred, the continent’s first-ever social media clout ranking app.

The Lagos-based startup, which celebrated its third anniversary earlier in May is reputed for providing brands and individuals with the people, products and platforms they need to effectively connect with their target audience.

SocialCred works by assigning and summing up points across key metrics such as engagement rate, number of followers, audience sentiment, and number of impressions among others to determine an individual’s social media popularity and influence. Based on the total points amassed, the individual is then awarded one of ten ranks and a cool badge they can share with their friends and fans on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Whatsapp.

Users are able to rank their social media pages or those of others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and also compare two influencers side-by-side to determine the most popular of the two.

Aside from the fun element to the app, SocialCred serves an important function of helping brands assess and select influencers based on the strength of the influencer’s popularity across four of the biggest social media platforms today: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

By offering growth and monetization tips, the app also helps influencers, content creators and regular social media users grow their pages, improve audience engagement and better monetize their influence through partnerships with brands.

“SocialCred takes a fun and exciting approach to rank social media popularity and influence and we are very glad about how quickly it has been accepted by social media users worldwide. In its first week, we expect no less than 100,000 people to use the tool and share their badges on social media,” said Gbenga Sogbaike, Co-founder & CEO of Plaqad the creators of SocialCred.

Gbenga Sogbaike, Co-founder/CEO, Plaqad

“The app is a product of over three months of high-level product engineering by a team of super-smart and experienced engineers, product developers and expert PR professionals and beside the cool factor, SocialCred provides brands and influencers a transparent and very accurate way to analyse social media influence and prevent fraud which is a major drawback for the influencer marketing industry.” He concluded.

Through its online platform, Plaqad facilitates seamless collaboration between social media influencers, content creators, and owners of media inventories, and brands looking to engage consumers and reach new audiences at scale.

Today, Plaqad, strengthened by a community of over 15,000 influencers, creators, and publishers, has successfully placed over 25,000 pieces of content on social and web platforms across four continents, and directly paid out over 200 million naira ($570,000) on hundreds of campaigns to members, effectively helping its programme members monetize their content, platform and influence.

According to a new report “Martech: 2020 and Beyond” collaboratively produced by BDO, WARC, and the University of Bristol, the global spend on marketing technology is $121.5 billion. This represents a significant share of the global advertising market estimated to be worth US$ 560 billion in 2019 by Statista.

In addition, the Financial Times in a recent post projects the value of the global influencer market — another area where Plaqad features prominently — to reach $15 billion by 2022.

With the covid19 pandemic necessitating prolonged social distancing and lockdown measures across the globe, traditional means of marketing like events, out-of-home and newspapers have suffered setbacks as consumer behaviour continues to change. Companies like Plaqad which are at the forefront of digital media technology will help marketers, influencers, brands and the government to navigate the new reality.

With social media usage by consumers on a steady rise this period —  61% over normal usage rates according to research firm Kantar — brands are leaning into influencer marketing to deliver relevant and consistent messages that keep their audiences engaged amid the coronavirus crisis and they look up to marketing tech companies like Plaqad to navigate the new normal.

Plaqad sits at the intersection of technology, marketing and PR. Founded in 2017 as “a social network connecting brands and individuals to bloggers, news websites, publishers and social influencers (micro-bloggers),” Plaqad, in line with its mantra “Make Your Voice Heard” continues to live its mission to help businesses irrespective of their size, location or marketing budget, reach and engage their audience.

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