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Aprais Report Highlights Importance of Resilience Post-Coronavirus Among Client And Agency Teams


A new report from Aprais highlights that resilience has become the necessary performance standard for marketers and their agencies following the coronavirus crisis.

Data mined from Aprais’ database, consisting of more than 22,000 client-agency evaluations, has identified how agencies and clients alike can boost their resilience scores going forwards.

Senior network heads, including Arthur Sadoun at Publicis Groupe and global clients including Unilever have highlighted the importance of embracing resilience in a Covid-19 world.

The report scanned data collected over a 20-year period and shows agencies consistently under-performing on resilience compared to other metrics. Focusing on improving resilience presents a clear opportunity to boost overall agency performance and client-agency relationships.

Kim Walker, founder and chairman of Aprais, said: “In an ordinary business world, crises can appear daily in all shapes and sizes. The fundamental team behaviours required are the same whether the crisis is a local market supply chain event or a full-on global pandemic.

“The Covid-19 crisis has accentuated the importance of resilience as a new team-performance standard that deserves more attention from marketing and agency leadership going forwards.“

The report found that agencies’ resilience scores are consistently weaker than their overall performance scores. Factors such as local product scares, financial events such as the 2008 crisis and other events accentuate the dissatisfaction with resilience felt from both agencies and clients. The report looked at how agencies and marketers across different markets view resilience, revealing that media agencies are considered the most resilient, while creative shops are viewed as the least resilient in the eyes of their clients.

Resilience is not limited to just company leadership but is needed across all aspects of business performance, in all functions and at all levels.

The report suggests ways to improve the resilience of clients and agencies by using initiative to challenge the status quo and managing conflict openly and constructively.

“It will become increasingly important to measure, monitor and develop resilience behaviours to make sure teams are prepared for future crises, big and small,“ Walker said.

Credit: The Drum


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