Expert Advises Practitioners On Efficient, Productive, Profitable PR Practice


By Tunji Faleye

The Principal Partner of Brooks and Blake, a perception management outfit in Nigeria, Sola Fijabi has urged public relations practitioners and their agencies to be efficient, highly productive and structured in order achieve profitability.

Fijabi who spoke on Efficient, Productive and Profitable PR Practice as the facilitator at the virtual Monthly General Meeting/PR Clinic held yesterday by Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Lagos Chapter said that without efficiency, it will be very difficult for any organisation to be productive let alone achieving profitability.

According to him, “the dynamics of business environment in the country is constantly changing the way business is run. Economic recession has not helped either as businesses and organizations are constantly challenged to evolve in their strategies for survival, while not still relinquishing quality.”

Sola Fijabi, Principal Partner, Brooks + Blake

Fijabi said that for organizatiosn to be efficient, the management must endeavour to understand the needed ingredients required to move their organizations’ workforce to the state of efficiency, productivity to enhance profitability, because organizations are run by humans who are emotive, expectant and dynamics. Because of this, he said, the role of any management as an integrator is to improve the people-organisations relationship by coordinating efforts of members of the organizations to willingly and effectively work in order to achieve the set goals.

He told practitioners succinctly that to succeed, organistions must pay attention to two crucial elements which include corporate strategy and the organisational culture.

He added that corporate strategy is the overall direction of organizations to achieve their objective, driven by their missions and visions. He reminded them that organizations operate with in the political, social and economic sphere of the society, meaning that the interplay of these elements to a very large extent, impact on how members of the organizations behave towards organizations’ policies that may impact on their productivity and efficiency.

The Brook and Blake boss said the wheel of any organizational efficiency, productivity and profitability encompasses innovation, partnership, integrity, focus and continuous improvement.

The Lagos PR Clinic is an interactive meeting of minds aimed to equip and capacitate communications practitioners with high-level strategies, tactics and how-to’s so they can stay innovative, do their jobs better, train their teammates and stay ahead of their peers.

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) was established in 1963. The body attained the status of a Chartered Institute in June 1990 through Decree No. 16 (now an Act of the National Assembly) from which it derives the power and responsibility to register members, set parameters of knowledge to acquire to qualify to practise, regulate the practice and development of the PR Profession as well monitor professional conducts through an established Code of Ethics, amongst others. As it is the practice with respectable professional organizations everywhere, the law stipulates standard academic and professional qualifications for admission into the Institute.

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