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Five 02 Academy Fresh Graduates Secure Employment In A Single Day


Five fresh graduates of Oxygen Academy (02 Academy), foremost marketing and advertising training academy, have been employed in a single day by leading creative agency, X3M Ideas, to commence their career in the adverting industry. Similarly, in a bid to strengthen advertising practice in the country, the academy plans to collaborate with Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), the industry’s regulatory body.

The Founder/Pivot of the academy, Ozoemena ‘Ozone’ Mbanefo broke the news of the newly employed graduates who were among the fresh graduates sent forth recently, and the collaboration with APCON on his social media handles. 

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 “This is just record breaking for us at 02 because this is the very first time in the history of 02 Academy Lagos that an agency is absorbing five of our graduates in one day.

“It been a while since I did my usual new job testimonial videos because it was becoming too ordinary but this time around I am tempted to inspire someone with this mind blowing and super exciting good news.”

In the same vein, O2 on Instagram page said “Here’s to the new kids on the advertising block our newly graduated students. Heavily armed with digital marketing, content creation, art direction/graphics design, copywriting, strategy, account management, business development, concept origination skills etc. Licensed to kill any brief.  FreshMen…Admen..Madmen.”

After paying a courtesy visit to the new APCON registrar recently,
Ozoemena disclosed the academy’s plan to work with the regulatory body. “Today at 02 Academy paid courtesy visit to APCON new boss, the registrar/chief executive APCON Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo. Thank you Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo for the warm reception and wisdom as the academy looks forward to more collaborative ways with APCON to move the industry forward especially in the area of capacity building.”

Noteworthy, Oxygen Academy is certified by Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) and Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN).

O2 Academy is structured in a way that goes beyond growing ad men, it shows them why they need that growth. The academy is a hands-on creative training hub that has the School of advertising, marketing and media. At the school of advertising, students learn Art Direction, Copy-writing, Content marketing, Strategic Planning and Concept Origination, while at the school of marketing, their skills in Sales training, Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing is fine-tuned. For the School of Media, students get hands-on practical sessions learning cinematography, video production and photography.

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