TVC News Returns To Airwaves, Promises Balanced News Coverage


TVC Communications has announced the return of its international channel, TVC News to the airwaves of Nigeria and the world at 3am Saturday24th Oct 2020 after an arson attack on its broadcast compound at Ikosi-Ketu, Lagos, on Wednesday morning October 21st at approximately 9am.

In a press released made available to Brand Communicator and signed by the Chief Executive Officer of TVC Communications, Andrew Hanlon,  it said,  “several of our staff were injured in the attack by a large mob who stormed the grounds wielding machetes, knives and petrol bombs which were used to torch dozens of vehicles and the main broadcast building which housed the studios and production offices of TVC News and our entertainment channel TVC.

“It is with God’s grace that the ensuing inferno did not result in the loss of life or serious injury, it did however utterly destroy our state-of-the-art television studios, control rooms and production offices which house hundreds of our Nigerian staff, including journalists, producers and technicians.

“TVC Communications, which owns and operates our TV and radio stations, including Max FM and Adaba FM, condemns this senseless attack on a company which endeavours merely to disseminate unbiased and balanced news, information and entertainment programmes to Nigerian audiences at home and abroad, and which supports the livelihoods of 550 full-time employees and thousands more indirectly.

“The devastation caused to our property could have destroyed all those jobs and left many of our dear employees destitute and penniless. Thankfully however, as a successfully managed commercial enterprise which enjoys the support of advertisers and commercial sponsors, we are fortunate to have the resources to maintain full employment and to rebuild our business.

It said, it trust the agencies of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will bring those responsible for the billions of naira damage caused to the business to justice and that all necessary steps will be taken to protect its employees and property going forward.

The release stated, “TVC Communications and our broadcasting stations fully support the peaceful and democratic aims and objectives of the #EndSars movement and we will continue to provide balanced news coverage going forward.”

The management praised the staff who suffered physically and emotionally from the terrifying events of the past days, adding that the organisation will not forget loyalty of the sponsors who have stood by TVC Communications in its greatest hour of crisis and need.

The organization also thanked its audience of 11 million viewers and listeners who are tuning back to the station in droves.

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