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How Rage Media Is Fast Becoming The Powerhouse For The Youngest, Most Creative & Innovative Talents In The Advertising Space

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In 2017, when the founder and MD of Rage Media decided he would set up a creative agency in Abuja, a lot of people called him ‘crazy’ others were even bold enough to call him ‘delusional’. I mean who in their right mind would set up a creative and communications agency in Abuja instead of Lagos, where all the creative agencies are located. But, only George knew the vision he saw and he decided to run with it. He set up Rage Media on February 14, 2017, with a skeletal workforce of 3 people, and by the end of 2017 the baby creative company was now 6 in total. 

George Omoraro started the company with a culture of thinking outside the box and going the extra mile for clients, same culture still runs 4 years in with a staff strength of over 30. Ask a ‘Human of Rage’ today what time they leave the office and they will all chorus ‘till the job is done’, this kind of mentality is what an efficient creative agency needs to survive the rougher edges of setting up an advertising agency in Abuja. Between 2017 and now, Rage has serviced over 150 clients in different sectors. 

Pelumi Fadairo, the head of Strategy and Innovation, agrees that the youthful age range at Rage gives them the edge to think outside the box and ensure their clients always win. “You can do your job in such a way that you’re really focused on the experiences you are gaining. That means thinking about who you are working for, who you are gaining access to, and the extra things you can take on that will broaden your experience,” she says.

One of their major wins came in 2020 during the lockdown when they tripled the revenue of one of their clients in the real estate industry and also ensured other clients stayed relevant by placing them top of mind of their consumers with innovative content & effective ad placements. Furthermore, three of their top executives in the company recently became members of APCON (Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria), and the company also got inducted into the Association Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN).  

Within 4 years of being established, RAGE Media has gained prominence and respect amongst professionals in the industry and respect is still growing. 

We are excited to see what the future holds for them! You can check them out for yourself on their website

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