Programmatic CTV Ads Hit $6.73 Billion In 2020


Programmatic connected TV advertising will continue to soar in the coming years — expected to rise to $6.73 billion this year and $8.7 billion in 2021, according to eMarketer.

But major problems remain.

One major hurdle continues to be finding a standard measure of viewability, and in turn, the measurability of conversion — clicks and other interactions.

In addition, eMarketer says there is a relative lack of addressability on CTV versus other programmatic channels. This comes with the difficulty in measuring different types of viewers all due to a cookieless environment.

Also, there is a lack of real-time or near real-time decision-making ability of marketers to buy CTV advertising — where a significant volume of CTV advertising comes through upfront TV-video deal-making.

Other industry analysts have also complained about the general lack of available CTV advertising — due to many platforms having much lower advertising loads versus on traditional legacy TV networks.

Still, eMarketer says the projections for this year and next would amount to a 54% rise in programmatic CTV revenue in 2020 and a 29% hike in 2021. Its estimates include in-stream video ads running before, during and after a piece of video content; social media network in-stream video players; in-banner video and interstitial ads. It excludes network sold traditional linear TV inventory and addressable TV advertising.

Credit: Media Post

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