Introducing JuiceUp Emergency Charger From the Stables of Elev8Media


What is JuiceUp Emergency Charger? Emergency situations really bring it home: remember the #EndSARS protests at the Lekki Toll Gate? DJ Switch had an Instagram live coverage which thousands of Nigerians were following. Things got bad when connection was lost with everyone    because both her phone battery and power bank were drained. We have situations that just when you need your phone the most, it could run out of power. A Power bank or spare external battery can help extend your phone’s battery life, but those devices eventually run out of power too. Enter JuiceUp Emergency Chargers that don’t rely on working electricity, generators, or a car to recharge your phone!

JuiceUp, Africa’s first pre-charged emergency phone charger with a biodegradable Shell which entered the Nigerian market in March 2021 is aimed at solving the problem of low battery anxiety that millions of Nigerian phone users have to face at one time or the other.

JuiceUp comes to the Nigerian market from the stables of Elev8media, one of the biggest digital OOH giants in Nigeria and a dynamic marketing service agency offering seamless top grade and innovative marketing communications solutions in the area of BTL that focus on solving clients marketing and sales challenges across West Africa and beyond.

Speaking on the unique value proposition of the product, Funmilade Alalade, CEO, ELEV8MEDIA said, “As a business, we have to constantly evolve to elevate. There is no boxing evolution, so, there is no boxing Elev8. JuiceUp is a product of this business philosophy. The product is a lifesaver that offers the advantage of charging your device on the go in Emergencies without needing electricity. The product is Pre-charged and ready to use at any time. No extra Cables are needed, making it very light to carry around. It provides upto 50% charge for your device.”

Being the first of its kind within this market, the product has no direct competition. The closest to a competition to the innovative product is the power bank. Speaking to this and the uniqueness of the product, Alalade asserted that the product is a result of original thinking, hence its uniqueness. “JuiceUp Emergency Charger is a unique product, the first of its kind in the country. We are not in direct competition with any brand, but we share similarities with power bank manufacturers, except, JuiceUp does not need to be charged to charge your phone.

With the understanding of the place of environmental sustainability in coming up with a product like this, Alalade avers: “JuiceUp has a recycle plan; we give batteries new life. Every JuiceUp Charger purchased has an impact. Each time a JuiceUp Charger is sold, a battery is diverted from its needless journey to a landfill. All our batteries are obtained, tested, certified, and reposed as Emergency chargers. We also provide incentives for recycling used JuiceUp chargers.”

To avail every Nigerian the opportunity to end the problem, worries and anxieties that come with flat phone batteries, Alalade said the product will be effectively marketed throughout the country. He assured that since the product fits into any lifestyle, anytime and anywhere including the beach, a dinner, or in traffic, everyone should be able to access this unique product and so awareness will be created via major distributors, retail outlets, the company’s website, and social media, to name a few.

Elev8media was founded in 2016 and its core business is OOH advertising. With a mission to provide clients with effective and efficient medium of advertising that best target its clients’ audience, its client base is made up of Large, medium and small-scale businesses (Publicly quoted and Limited liability Companies) located in Lagos State. The company also has combined strategic depth of a multi-national agency, marketing & sales experience cutting across Telecom, Manufacturing, Automobile, Oil & Gas & Government and is currently servicing major sectors of the economy, from Financial Institution to Manufacturing and many more. We major in Experiential Marketing, Sales Promotion, Product Sampling, Field Marketing & Merchandizing, product launch and Direct Marketing operations.

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