MultiChoice Scraps M-Net +1 TV Channel


MultiChoice, Africa’s leading entertainment company, has announced that one of its DStv premium channels, M-Net +1, will be scrapped starting from 16 May.

This comes five years after the channel launched its M-Net +1 channel in May 2016, with its intended viewership stemming from DSTV Premium subscribers.

The channel was a replica of M-Net’s existing TV channel but with programming running an hour later on M-Net +1.

During the launch of M-Net +1, M-Net said that the channel would cater for a diverse audience with viewing time preferences.

The TV channel also said that many of its subscribers would welcome the addition of M-Net +1.

M-Net noted that the prime-time scheduling was convenient for most of the subscribed series lovers; however, a segment of the viewers could only watch television programming from a specific time.

Added into its consideration was that not all viewers own PVR decoders; therefore, through M-Net +1, subscribers would be able to enjoy linear television and stay up to date with M-Net’s series.

M-Net +1 is the third channel removed from the South African DSTV offering in 2021 and the fourth channel for the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

Removal of the channels is part of the entertainment company’s ongoing content rationalisation drive of linear TV channels, said M-Net.

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