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More Than Half Of Consumers Use Online Review Sites


A majority of GB and US adults trust crowd-sourced review sites but British consumers tend to use them less, according to a consumer survey from YouGov.

Over half of adult consumers in the United States (54%) and in Great Britain (53%) say they trust crowd-sourced review sites, such as Google Reviews, Trustpilot or Yelp. This is two to three times the level of those who do not trust such websites (21% in the US and 18% in GB).

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Consumers in the United States are more likely to use online review sites, with two in three (66%) saying they have used one in the past year. This compares to one in two (53%) in Great Britain.

Restaurants are the most popular product or service that consumers have researched online in the past year, at 41% of American consumers and half of that, 22%, of British consumers. Movies follow, at 20% of US consumers and half of that, 10%, for British consumers.

Travel accommodation, travel destinations and tech products are other popular categories, at 14% to 15% of consumers in both countries. Healthcare providers, places to work and video games are significantly more popular among US consumers than in Great Britain.

With consumer reviews impacting a brand’s image for up to three years, brands need to be prepared to actively respond to the reviews, whether positive or negative, they receive. Brands should also consider mitigating the impact of negative reviews by using price discounts or providing clear product information in the first place.

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