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Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Brands Watch


As 22 Housemates ‘begin hostilities’ in Biggie’s House after the weekend’s double launch of Africa’s biggest reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, about 22 brands have also registered their presence on the show to vie for the ultimate prize of the consumer’s heart and the mega prize money.

For instance, barely two days after the show began, a look at the Nigerian trends table on microblogging site, Twitter, shows that despite the intense focus on BBNaija, the Housemates, their drama, Supa Komando, an energy drink brand manufactured from the stables of CSD and HCP giants, SevenUp Bottling Company (SBC), was among the top -ten trending conversations, occupying an impressive seventh position with over three thousand tweets. Not too distant from it, Pepsi, a premium cola drink also from the stables of SBC also topped conversation on Twitter, sitting at a comfortable 12th position with over two thousand tweets. This is besides other impressions across all social media platforms!

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The ‘talkability’ and engagement enjoyed by these brands over the weekend are based on its advertisement and strategic product placement within Big Brother show via the BBN platform which has come to be recognized as Africa’s Super Bowl. The U.S. television broadcast of the Super Bowl – the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) – features many high-profile television commercials, colloquially known as Super Bowl ads. The phenomenon is a result of the game’s extremely high viewership and wide demographics. The Super Bowl games have frequently been among the United States’ most-watched television broadcasts, with market research giants, Nielsen having estimated that Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 was seen by at least 114.4 million viewers in the United States.

While a uniquely American event, it is, without doubt, the “marketing event of the year” in that part of the world. Super Bowl commercials are a cultural phenomenon of their own alongside the game itself. Yet another Nielsen study revealed that more than 51% of people surveyed enjoy the Super Bowl commercials aired more than the game itself.

Like the Super Bowl, the Big Brother Naija reality TV show curated by pay-TV giants, Multichoice Nigeria has come to become a truly remarkable Nigerian media, marketing, and social phenomenon marketing event of the year in Africa which brands and individuals anticipate each year. It is safe to say it is arguably the biggest “marketing event of the year,” with only The African Cup of Nations vying with it. Indeed, between July 19 and September 23, 2020, the last edition of the show-Lockdown- generated over 55 billion media impressions, with 7.7 million ‘users’ (Twitter accounts) posting the word “BBNaija” over 20 million times on Twitter alone. This is according to data from ID Africa.

Additionally, Airtel Nigeria’s ‘444’ commercial jingle became a street anthem on that show; Oppo announced its presence in the Nigerian market via the platform, the likes of Patricia.com; Betway made inroads into Nigeria; while WAW detergent, Dano Milk, Darling Hair, TomTom, Mapia, Clorets, among other brands had massive engagement and ultimately, conversions.

This year, ‘Abeg,’ a fintech and digital brand is leading other advertisers on the show as the headline sponsor of BBNaija. Successfully, Abeg has generated enough curiosity from the moment it was unveiled as the headline sponsor of the show till now. As time passes, it appears the brand is leveraging every opportunity it has to demystify its offering to a ready market willing to patronize it.

As they say, one good turn deserves another, Patricia.com has made a comeback to the show in season 6 as an associate sponsor, having been a part of the previous season as a regular sponsor. Eva, Buypower.ng, Tecno, Supa Komando, Guinness Smooth, BoomPlay, Pepsi, Darling, Baileys, Munch It, Smirnoff, RevolutionPlus Properties, Glover, Innoson Motors, Darling Hair among other brands have created commercials, games, engagements, and other activities as part of their participation within the show.

It is expected that beyond their TV commercials and online engagements with fans of the show, brands and advertisers will leverage the revamped BBNaija season 6 house which now comes with a mezzanine floor measuring over 200sqm, to position their products and services. This is in addition to the original house, which measures about 1800sqm with an additional 250sqm for support building services such as the presenter and artists’ lounges and an art room where all the props for the arena games are made, and the brand-new indoor games lounge with a trophy cabinet, a private executive lounge accessible only at specified periods and a royal Head of House room measuring over 50sqm!

Already, Abeg is utilizing its ‘headline sponsor’ position to its advantage with the full branding of the games arena. Journey Walker’s iconic walking man also has a permanent place in the house even as SBC’s products have a permanent stay on the dining table as well as the Pepsi branded refrigerator. Power Oil and Morning Fresh are already having the most eyeballs in the kitchen while Waw detergent is practically the only detergent brand in the laundry area.

The addition of the new floor which has ultimately seen an increase in the number of cameras in the house means that brands and advertisers now have more spaces for their positioning. In the BBNaija Pepper Dem edition in 2019 the house was designed to take seven hand-held cameras and 32 que ball cameras. This season now has 14 hand-held cameras and 37 que ball cameras capable of seeing the housemates at all times. The mezzanine floor alone has 11 of those que balls and two hand-held cameras. There are also two times more ambiance microphones to capture every conversation in the house.

It is still too early to say but it is expected that all these brands will take advantage of the platform that the BBNaija offers to better engage the consumer, grow affinity and ultimately create loyalists.

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