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Glo Introduces 1 TB Data Plan


Globacom has unveiled a new data plan of 1 Terabyte (TB) plan valid for 12 months also known as ‘Glo Mega Data Plan’ to address the needs of heavy internet users.

According to a statement released by the company, “The 1 TB plan is, particularly, useful for home broadband users such as Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) customers who have the need for higher data consumption.”

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The company explained further, “The Glo Mega Data Plan, particularly the N100,000 plan, is exclusively packaged to address the needs of heavy data subscribers for reliable and affordable internet service. it will help millions of people who rely on the internet to work or study from home, carry out most business and social transactions as well as hold meetings, seminars, religious worship, among other activities.”

Globacom also said other plans available for use of subscribers include the N30,000 which gives subscribers 225GB, with a validity of 30 days, N36,000, which offers 300 GB and also comes with 30 days’ validity, N50,000 plan which offers 425GB and 90 days’ validity, N60,000 which offers 525GB of data valid for 120 days and N75,000 which gives 675GB and has 120 days’ validity.

It stated that the Mega Data packs is auto-renewable and can be shared with other subscribers on the Glo network, adding that it could also be used on any compatible device such as handsets, modems and laptops, and is available for existing and new Glo subscribers.

Glo said subscribers could opt into the plan by dialing *777# for the plan menu and select ”Super Mega Plans” before choosing the plan of choice, adding that the plans can also be purchased at http://hsi.glo.com”,

The company, therefore, called on Glo subscribers, especially heavy data users to maximise the opportunity offered by the plan to increase their browsing experience.

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