MABISCO Receives SON’s MANCAP Certification

MABISCO team members (on red) receiving the MANCAP Certification from SON officials.

Mayor Biscuit Company (MABISCO) Limited, a world-class Nigerian confectionaries and foods company that produces, markets and distributes freshly baked biscuits across Nigeria, has received the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON’s) Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) certificate for producing goods that meet set standards of quality.

 MANCAP introduced by SON in 2006, is a mandatory product certification scheme designed to ensure that locally manufactured products meet the relevant quality standards. The award of the certification is usually a culmination of a series of regulatory inspections conducted by SON, including a production facility tour, on-line sample collection, on the spot analysis of samples collected during inspection to check compliance to SON standards.

Other aspects of monitoring visits before the awarding of the certificate include, compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices within the production environment, as well as the availability of relevant food safety regulatory documentation of SON processes, which are sighted on inspection, and taken with records.

A statement from MABISCO revealed that the receipt of MANCAP certification from SON is a confirmation to the fact that MABISCO as a company produces truly Nigerian biscuits for Nigerians at the topmost quality.

The Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme is a useful Government requirement for both exporters and importers. The product certification scheme was implemented by SON since 2006.

Compliance with this standard ensures that all locally manufactured goods conform to the minimum Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) and the nationally approved Code of Practice before being sold or exported.

Made-in-Nigeria products are now more strictly regulated for both promoting fair competition in the domestic and international market and, at the same time, protecting the well-being of Nigerian consumers. The aim of such a measure is to enhance the country’s economic and industrial development while encouraging the respect of equal market conditions.

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