Visuals ‘Most Effective In Marketing For Millennials’

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Visual communication, such as images, videos and infographics, has become the most effective method of consuming information for the millennials, who make up 1.8 billion of the world or 23% of the world’s population, a report said.

“As a result of millennials growing up in the fast-paced digital world, methods of finding information has never been a difficult task,” said Maya Hamad, Founder of Emoteyes, a full-service Marketing firm specializing in content marketing, social media management, email marketing, and web & app development.

“They also retain information better when it’s visually appealing and easy to consume. If we want to attract their attention, we need to align our marketing strategies with their online consumption methods”

Our brains consume visuals 60x faster than text (Content Factory, 2020). With that being said, the use of infographics amongst marketers has grown tremendously. Another growing trend is the use of podcast advertising. Brands are now investing into podcast advertising as the number of podcast listeners grow, with the aim for a wider audience reach. The podcast medium is also known to be the most convenient amongst the busy schedules of many millennials, as they’re able to listen to their favourite shows at any place and any time while occupied with something else.

Podcast advertising

Currently, there are 850,000 active podcasts worldwide (Podcast Insights, 2020).

Podcast audience make up a generally younger audience, starting from the age of 12 and up (Improve Podcast, 2021) and avid podcast listeners spend an average of more than eight hours listening to at least seven different shows per week (Improve Podcast, 2021).

This means that regular podcast listeners are loyal to at least six to seven shows, giving your brand the chance to advertise your products/services on trusted podcast shows.

With that being said, statistics show that over 50% of listeners consider buying a product after hearing it on a podcast ad (Improve Podcast, 2021), while 60% of them have made a purchase from a brand after hearing about it through a podcast ad (Midroll, 2021).

Evidently, brands that have invested in podcast advertising have experienced a 14% rise in their sales (Improve Podcast, 2021).


With the majority of millennials having a short attention span, brands have found ways to get their messages across in simpler, more attractive ways than before. 50% of content creators state that the use of visuals is important in their content marketing strategy, while 40% say that visuals encourage the most engagement (Visme, 2020).

While methods such as videos and images have been the most captivating means of advertising, infographics has also become an effective marketing tool to communicate valuable information with audience. It allows the transformation of information in a more visually appealing way with the use of shapes, graphs and colours. Close to 70% of B2B marketers create infographics as part of their marketing strategy (Visme, 2020).

With new and developing trends around every corner, marketers are in constant competition as they try and keep up with consumer trends. When marketing to millennials, brands should ensure that their messages are captivating, quick and as concise as possible, as they try to keep up with the most popular channels of communication. 

Source: TradeArabia News Service

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