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FirstBank Unveils New App To Boost Mobile Banking


In furtherance of improving the mobile banking experience for its customers, First Bank of Nigeria Limited has launched a new application called the LIT App.

According to a statement from the bank, the new application would include bills payment, fund transfer and airtime recharge as well as provide other features that reiterate the bank’s resolve to continually expand its digital architecture in modernising its interaction with customers, irrespective of where they may be across the world.

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It added that the functions of the app include multiple transfers, which allow customers to select several beneficiaries at once for a single transfer; account opening opportunities for non-customers; and account management, enabling customers to identify their relationship managers for immediate assistance depending on needs.

It also said the app would also allow customers generate statements via PDF format or through email while having receipts backdated as much as preferred by the customer.

The app allows for full remote banking experience, saving customers the need to visit the bank’s branches.

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