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Insight Publicis Campaigns Are A Breath Of Fresh Air


Insight Publicis’ creative juices, under the stewardship of Group Creative Director, Sinmisola Hughes-Obisesan, has maintained its position as a continental advertising and marketing powerhouse. The agency’s new integrated brand campaigns for Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC) brands Pepsi and Super Komando, once again highlight the agency’s ability to tap into the cultural pulse in creating brilliantly crafted brand content that disruptively captivates, and inspires the target audience to take action.

Both ads, strategically launched during the Big Brother Naija (BBN) season, left viewers and consumers thrilled. Each one, in its own way, deployed creative strategies that led to huge talkability and objectives being met. First with Supa Komando, deploying a strong female hero in a market saturated with male characters as default protagonists. An unexpected twist that delivered an action-packed 60-second film, as the TVC spot is called, ‘Girl was on fire’ and the quality of the production was top notch. The idea with Insight Publicis’ unorthodox delivery of the new Supa Komando ad seems targeted at disrupting incumbent brand marketing practices, driving hyper-talkability and proving that global-standard action movies can be produced in Nigeria. It remains to be seen whether Insight’s approach will usher in a new generation of deeply stimulating Nigerian commercials.

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Erica Nlewedim gave an award-worthy performance with a perfectly orchestrated stunt double- instantly making the ad one of the most talked-about television commercials of 2021, even as bottles of Supa Komando continue to fly off the shelves. The positive attention it received lends credence to the unique synergy between Insight Publicis and SBC that has spanned decades and perennially delivered exceptional brand campaigns. The Supa Komando commercial by Insight Publicis will certainly play a role in expanding the brand’s equity as the go-to energy beverage for audiences with the drive to ‘fire on!’

The second, the Pepsi ‘For the love of it’ campaign, matched a takeover strategy. The creative strategy clearly tapped into pop-culture, using every consumer passion point of Gen Zs to create excitement in the most relatable way, opening up the use of endearing characters that audiences could connect with. Social media literally turned blue when this campaign launched and, in the way only Pepsi knows how to, it fueled an uproar of positive conversations. It seems that with Insight Publicis, using deep consumer ‘Insights’ remains the assured way of success for the agency. The most interesting observation is the creative reveal of Ayra Starr and Rema as Pepsi brand ambassadors. Both reveal videos tapped into the individual persona of each artist, ensuring that Pepsi remains top of mind in new music, drives youth culture, entertainment and lifestyle.

On the influencer side to the campaign, Insight Publicis and Pepsi partnered with Toke Makinwa, popular fashion and lifestyle influencer who held down the style forte while Nancy Isime personified drama. Don Flexx and Alex from the 2019 Big Brother edition showed us why we love dance; Kie Kie and Mr Jollof were on it with some gbas gbos; while DJs: Spinall, Obi and Xclusive were up to the task as ambassadors for the vibes. It was clear that, as though in one voice, Insight Publicis and Pepsi were saying, we do what we do “for the love of it.”

The key learning from all this brand & advertising discourse? Brands simply cannot ignore the world of music and entertainment if they are intent on being the emblem of youth culture. This latest positioning for both SBC brands rekindles the emotional connection between audiences and their love for music, style, drama, and entertainment.

Insight Publicis’ storied history of product and marketing innovations has defined creative brand advertising in Nigeria for over 40 years. The agency stakes its claim as a dominant force in the Nigerian advertising and marketing communications industry. Some of the agency’s most memorable campaigns include Pepsi: Long Throat, Bank PHB: Cars will run on water, Gulder: Look Forward, Heineken: More behind the star, Heineken: Chairman, the iconic Milo clap and Nigeria’s first-ever reality show – Gulder Ultimate Search.

Insight Publicis has led for 41 years and we can only continue to enjoy the strategic approaches dished out to us. In Sinmisola’s words: “To connect with consumers of today, it’s not just about advertising, it should be ‘Act-vertising’. Speaking their language and creating branded content that connects, entertains and drives consumers to take action and change behaviour positively. Insight Publicis has a responsibility of ensuring brands stay in tune with the people. Connecting our client’s products and services seamlessly in the lives of Nigerians. We co-create as partners to deliver not just great campaigns, but campaigns that deliver on both business and communication objectives.”

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