Six Lessons From GWI’s 2022 Trends Report


Connecting the Dots 2022 is a study into changing consumer attitudes based on 700,000 interviews across 47 countries, identifying key trends for the year ahead; conducted by audience targeting company GWI, it’s worth paying attention to; here’s what you need to know.

Health awareness
Greater consciousness of wellbeing is here to stay. People are now aware of and pursuing activities to reduce their stresses and to actively engage with their mental health.

People are less and less interested in ‘perfect’ imagery, and brands can afford to ease up. This can lead to more inclusive or representative imagery.

Beauty is changing
Men’s engagement with beauty peaked during lockdowns but have since declined. Interest and purchase figures among people of colour in the US/UK have also fallen 14% and 13%, respectively, since 2018. GWI recommends more personalisation and greater inclusivity in campaign design.

Workers have changed

Giving your employees a reason to work beyond earning a wage is increasingly important to keeping staff among the great resignation. Internal comms is important here, but so is the establishment of a better balance between work and life. 45% of UK job hunters say they want to do work that makes them happier and 33% say they want their work to be more meaningful.

• Young people’s attention sits firmly in gaming
Among Gen Z, gaming now sits above TV in their list of personal interests.

Crypto is going mainstream

UK crypto investors has grown 57% since 2018; more and more people are feeling confident in their personal finances and getting interested in crypto. Coupled with the rise of blockchains powering Web3, an internet of value, this is a potentially crucial shift.

Credit: WARC

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