AAAN, UN Partner To Tackle Gender Stereotypes In Nigeria’s Ad Industry

Steve Babaeko, AAAN President

As part of it’s effort to eradicate harmful gender stereotype within advertising industry and further grow the industry’s landscape, the Association of advertising Agencies of Nigeria, (AAAN) has embarked on strategic partnered with UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women to launch the Nigeria National Chapter of the Unlstereotype Alliance, convened by UN-women.

The body, Unstereotype Alliance is a global coalition committed to ending harmful stereotypes in media and advertising.
AAAN President, Steve Babaeko, who announced the partnership via his social media platform recently said: “Nigeria is the arrowhead of the exciting African creative industry. We carry a lot of power in the areas of music, film, advertising and popular culture as a whole. With that power comes the responsibility to lead from the front and open the conversation around closing gender gaps and also change the narrative of how women are portrayed in advertising. Together we will work to dismantle harmful stereotypes across the local advertising industry.

In addition, in a recent interview, Babaeko disclosed that “One of the milestones that I am really proud of is the partnership with the UN women on UNstereotype alliance. AAAN was listed as a partner with the @unsteroetype Alliance, X3M Ideas also subscribed as well, but we also brought AAAN in as an institutional partner for the Nigerian Chapter.”

According to news sources, AAAN and Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR) join the Nigeria chapter as allies. Meanwhile companies such Guinness Nigeria, First Bank of Nigeria, SO&U LTD, Unilever Nigeria and X3M Ideas among others are members.

The priority focus of the Nigeria Chapter is to use advertising as a force for progress by depicting positive portrayals of women and girls, and ensuring that the industry rejects all harmful stereotypes, including gender stereotypes.
Destructive stereotypes proliferating advertising and media content in Nigeria and hindering progress towards gender equality.

Noteworthy, part of the vision of Babaeko led administration at AAAN is “togetherness and women empowerment “

Recall In Babaeko’s words, “The time to work together is now. It is my firm belief that we cannot afford to lose hope. Let’s advance together.”

Leveraging the reach of the United Nations’ 193 Member States, the Unstereotype Alliance provides a global connectedness for members with a shared commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5 for gender equality. Nigeria is the 11th National Chapter and the 3rd in Africa, in addition to Australia, Brazil, Japan, India, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, and UK.

Comfort Lamptey, UN Women Representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS said:
Nigeria has an important role to play in shifting negative stereotypes across the board – from women’s equal and meaningful participation in leadership to the role of boys and men in ending gender inequality.

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