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Quorum West Africa: Spotlighting Africa’s Award-winning Live Interaction Experts


What do customers really want when they are interacting with a brand? Cutting across most demo- and psychographic breaks, the importance of “feeling valued” is the common equalizer for customers from teenagers to those at the oldest spectrum.

So how do brands get there? The question isn’t easy to answer, and the knee-jerk corporate reaction to dive into social media doesn’t do it. Even though touchpoints are multiplying exponentially, what many are still grappling with is the importance of adding value at each interaction – from the perceptual vantage point of the customer.

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Yes, the ways companies determine how to let customers reach out to them, how to respond when they do, what to act on and what to ignore…are a virtual tangle. But the customer perspective – and how brand touchpoints provide value – is the common thread that cannot be ignored. That’s why focusing on customer experience, aligning customer listening tools, and unraveling these cannot be overestimated.

One agency in Africa that has succeeded in doing this for over a decade without fail is Quorum West Africa, an experiential design company with a strong focus on disruption. Established in 2007, Quorum has connected brands with their consumers through live interactions for over 14 years.

Over this period, Quorum has worked with brands including but not limited to Dunhill, Benson and Hedges, PallMall, Baileys, Johnnie Walker, Gordons, Singleton, Ciroc Mercedes Benz, Etisalat, Mercedes Benz, UBA, and many others.

Made up of a team of creative, friendly, googly, outgoing, willing to please, goofy, innovative, quirky individuals with their own defined way of engaging consumers through live face to face interactions to create personal and relevant memories, Quorum West Africa has shown across the years that it is all about delivering meaningful and relevant messages at meaningful and relevant moments.

As ‘the’ events management company with ideas that transform everyday venues and actions into engaging experiences, the agency’s local expertise provides it with the capabilities to manage events across West African countries including Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana.

With a comprehensive understanding of its clients’ organization and mission, Quorum West Africa has quite a knack for developing an individual strategy to captivate their audience, cultivate their business and elevate their brand.

Building on the excellence that its teeming clients have come to love and respect, the agency has always been at the forefront of innovation. Based on this and other factors, in 2021, Quorum West Africa achieved several notable milestones.

Quorum executed 80% of the Big Brother Nigeria Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye) Saturday night parties coming from the previous year despite covid where it executed 100 percent of all Big Brother parties back to back with weekly different themes. 

Quorum also executed the first ever Johnnie Walker big brother party by creating a dual party inside and outside the Big Brother house. While the housemates were partying in the Big Brother House, there was a party outside the house live-streaming the party in the Big Brother house.

The Guinness Bright House Masterclass and Party was another successful execution of Quorum West Africa. Quorum worked alongside Guinness Nigeria to launch the Black Shines Brightest Campaign. The Guinness Bright House Masterclass was an environment for creatives from different fields spanning Music, Fashion, Film, Photography and art to network, create, share ideas and of course; party!

To mention a few more, in 2021 Quorum also worked on the Smirnoff ‘No Known Address Party’, an extraordinary platform created to feature city mixes and further bring out the true character of Smirnoff to its consumers.

Quorum also executed the 7th edition of the Johnnie Jazz and Whisky event which morphed into Johnnie Jamz and Whisky in 2021 with over 2000 people in attendance. This was a huge success considering we started and created the maiden edition in 2017 with only 200 guests.

Putting together all of Quorum’s achievements in 2021 alone might be quite lengthy. However, one cannot leave out one of the best achievements of 2021 for Quorum West Africa which was winning the Supplier of the Year Award for Africa in the Diageo Supplier Awards, making it the first Nigerian experiential agency to win a global award representing Africa for Diageo Global Suppliers.

Going into 2022 on the back of these achievements, Quorum can only look forward to having an even better year in 2022 and breaking new heights.

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