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37% of Brands To Spend More on Email Marketing This Year


Well over a third of marketers (36.7%) say they plan to spend more on email marketing this year, according to data from email marketing company Litmus. While most of these brands expect an increase of up to 15%, 7.0% say the increase will be by more than 15%.

This follows a cut in budgets at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when 35% of marketers said they were reducing their email budget.

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Integrating email with other marketing channels is the quickest growing segment for these marketers, with 35.8% reporting a planned increase in 2022. This comes as brands battle with new consumer behaviours that frequently mix online and offline channels.

However, Apple’s data privacy push means the ability of advertisers to understand the performance of email marketing campaigns is being challenged. Audiences are also spending less time reading each email, adding to the challenge for marketers.

This comes at a time when email marketing has grown in importance for many brands – it can be a cost-efficient way of enhancing first-party data and can allow personalised messaging in the absence of third-party data.

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