Firm Launches Program That Can Write Emails, Ads And Books


Here’s a development that should concern ad copywriters and book authors alike: A startup called AI Exposphere is offering a writing assistant that it says can write articles, email campaigns, books, landing pages and code.

The firm’s new tool, Satellite Blogger, is a SaaS product powered by AI Exposphere’s HailyAI technology. This can generate content on any subject, the company claims. 

It does this via a prompt-based skill system called Playground that gives users trained and BETA AI Writing Skills, the company says. “The Playground BETA Skills have many use-cases that are strictly prompt-based through HailyAI with exciting but varied results,” says Sal Peer, CEO of Ai Exosphere.

Satellite Blogger can generate product descriptions and ads based on keywords. The firm argues that this can help brands that have many products and can’t afford to regularly write descriptions for each one.

It remains to be seen if this content has the personal and stylistic qualities of ads and emails written by skilled professional copywriters.  A recent survey by Attest found that 57% of consumers want marketing content to amuse and entertain them, up from 4% last year. Does Campaign Blogger have a sense of humor?   

AI Exosphere’s founder’s, CEO Sal Peer and CTO Alex Athey, sought to give users “new opportunities to play and discover the capabilities of AIExo’s bleeding-edge HailyAI inferences.” 

It’s not clear if Campaign Blogger wrote the press announcement for this or copy on AI Exosphere’s website. 

Credit: Media Post

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