Steve Omojafor Tasks Ad Practitioners on Professionalism, Mentorship

Sir Steve Omojafor

Advertising Guru, Sir Steve Omojafor has tasked advertising practitioners to embrace professionalism by abiding by the ethics guiding advertising practice globally.

He pointed that this effort will help the industry compete favourably with the rest of the world while he also tasked experienced practitioners to mentor the younger ones.

Omojafor made the charge at the APCON Fellowship Induction held recently at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lagos.

 “The need for professionalism by abiding by ethics guiding advertising practice is intrinsic. This is because advertising is involved in the building up of the dynamic economic systems and also drives economics through its activities.

“As fellows of the profession, I implore you to remain steadfast and faithful to your obligations Oath and to the of Advertising Practice which you have repeatedly affirmed at every progress you have made in the course of your professional upgrade,” he disclosed.

Also, he urged the fellows to continue to embark on training and retraining, “Kindly continue to render every necessary support to APCON especially in training and professional development of the younger practitioners who aspire to improve their career and advance themselves in this valued field. Let me mention that you are also obligated to give yourselves and the industry the best improvement and capacity building worthy of fellows of the profession.

“Compliance to the laws and other relevant regulations regulation guiding advertising and marketing communications in Nigeria must be kept sacrosanct. At this stage, adherence to the best practice behaviour should be seen as the asset in your undertakings.”

He explained further that “The prestigious status which you have now attained comes with corresponding responsibilities, principal of which is to ensure that the advertising and marketing communications industry in Nigeria excels in practice and profession as well as making impact globally as ambassadors of the profession.

“APCON’s regulatory role is hinged on the highest ethical standards, rules and procedures aimed at providing an efficient and effective regulation of the Nigerian advertising Industry.

“As advertising professionals, it is expected that you are characterized by the following: a proper education and discipline, relevant skills; non-materials ego drive and integrity. It is the assimilation of the requisite body of knowledge or education that qualifies one to practice a profession, while the challenges and demands faced by the profession dictate the substance of such education,” he said.

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