First Bank Holdings Deepens Financial Inclusion With USSD Banking Tool


First Bank Holdings Plc, the parent company of First Bank Limited, is growing its service delivery with the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) banking tool, *894# which can be accessed when a customer or prospective user dials the code.

Features upgraded into the USSD banking tool to improve its efficiency include Limit Enhancement, Security Feature Enhancement, and Implementation of Pay attitude on USSD. One major advantage of the use of the USSD banking tool is that it does not require Internet Connectivity, it is convenient, and it is secure.

Meanwhile, existing customers, can access diverse banking options with the code, from card and account reconciliation issues to other financial services offered by the bank.

Also, by dialling the USSD banking code and following the message prompt, non-existing customers can open an account with the code, emphasizing the bank’s efficiency in banking the unbaked and promoting financial inclusion. 

The Bank, over the years, has been effectively taking care of the financial needs of its customers through efficient use of the banking tool. In 2021, through the USSD banking tool, the bank has accumulated a total of 1.19 billion transactions worth N4.44 trillion, given an average of 99 million transactions with a revenue of N370 billion per month. The *894# USSD banking tool is mostly used by customers who are 15 to 55 yrs.

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