Mastercard Foundation, Nourishing Africa Partner To Empower Young Entrepreneurs


Mastercard Foundation alongside Nourishing Africa, Entrepreneur Support Programme (ESP) have joined forces to empower over 1,000 young Nigerian agri-food entrepreneurs to improve their business operations in the country,

In a statement made by both parties, the partnership is engrossed in small-scale enterprises, as it is now wrapping up programs for the initiative.

The statement added that the training was needed to increase the resilience, growth, profitability, and sustainability of the Nigerian agri-food businesses, pointing out that the programme has fulfilled these critical aspects of the initial programme design and achieved impact through these multi-pronged interventions.

In commitment, Nourishing Africa continues to provide ongoing support to these agri-food entrepreneurs and others across the country and continent so as to maintain existing growth paths, strengthen their capacities, and also to accelerate their business growth.

According to the statement, this support would be channeled through the Nourishing Africa online resource and data Hub –the Membership Community and vibrant network. The team would continue to aid in strategic convening and workshops to transfer knowledge and create resilient agribusinesses.

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