Visa Opens First African Innovation Hub In Kenya


Visa Inc, a global digital payments giant has opened up its first African innovation studio in Kenya to drive product development across the continent.

 This was issued in a statement after the company unveiled the facility last Wednesday in an event attended by at an event attended by leading banks, financial technology companies, and innovation specialists from across Sub-Saharan Africa.

 The studio was officially opened by Dr. Patrick Njoroge, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya.

 According to Visa, the new studio will help Visa clients and partners from across the continent extend their service offerings as well as provide them with tools to overcome challenges.

 Aida Diarra, senior vice president and head of Visa in Sub-Saharan Africa said, “Sub-Saharan Africa is a fast-growing region with a tech-savvy population. As we continue to grow digital payments adoption in the region, our aspiration is to deepen our collaboration with clients and partners in developing solutions that are designed around the unique needs of Africa.

“As a brand built on technology, Visa has driven the major technology advancements that make electronic payments what they are today. We are confident that the innovation studio will continue that legacy and cement Sub-Saharan Africa’s position as a leader in creating out of the box solutions to deal with our most pressing challenges as a region.” 

 The unveiled facility in Kenya is the sixth globally, after those opened in Dubai, London, Miami, San Francisco, and Singapore.

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