Marketing Expert Lists Five Blockchain & IoT Tools For Practitioners

Frankline Ozekhome, CEO- Identiture Africa

Franklin Ozekhome, CEO & Head of Growth, Identiture Africa has shared five ways in which marketing communications practitioners can improve communications through blockchain and the Internet of Things, IoT.

Ozekhome who spoke at the grand finale of the maiden edition of Nigeria’s first marketing and media Hackathon tagged ‘MarkHack 1.0’ organized by the Eko Innovation Centre in collaboration with GDM Group emphasised the need for marketers to embrace these new technologies.

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According to him, new technologies have altered the dynamics of brand marketing which enables broader reach and more personalized targeting aimed at increasing trust and customer loyalty.

He urged marketers to take advantage of technologies such as the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, and others being presently deployed to ease business operations.

During a fireside chat at the Hackhathon which saw the emergence of LiveBIc as the winner of the prize of $10,000 for developing a new platform for content creators to market and deliver their content, Ozekhome listed the following as tools marketers can use to improve their operations through blockchain and IoT.

Mediaocean – End- To- End Management

Technology giant IBM uses its blockchain platform to verify the advertising supply chain. The company partnered with advertising and analytics platform, Mediaocean to offer an end- to- end ledger that gives marketing teams better data insight. The goal is to help businesses eliminate wasteful spending on unnecessary third parties and to expose potentially fraudulent data.

New technologies have altered the dynamics of brand marketing which enables broader reach and more personalized targeting aimed at increasing  trust and  customer loyalty.

Lucidity – For Improved Ad Campaign Performance

The Lucidity blockchain platform stores and verifies every marketing event to ensure transparent and accurate data. The company’s platform uses smart contracts to give marketing teams real-time insight into their current campaigns, track payments to ad publishers, and prevent fraud by flagging fake bot views.

NYIAXMarketplace for Advertising, Trading and Interactive Communications

NYIAX is the world’s first marketplace for advertising contract trading. The company uses blockchain to give advertisers and publishers a platform to buy, sell and trade advertising contracts in a futures methodology. The company’s patented, blockchain backed “Financial Matching Engine” verifies quality advertising contracts that are available for trade or sale and connects publishers with advertising buyers.

Loyyal: Managing Social Media and fostering relationships

Loyyal blockchain platform uses blockchain tokenization and smart contracts to help businesses expand customer loyalty programs. The company’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) has already been implemented in the travel, credit card, and employee incentives industries.

The Loyyal helps companies trace their loyalty tokens throughout the entire customer rewards process and helps marketing teams to personalize promotions based on an individual’s spending and behaviours.

BraveCustomer-centric Blockchain Advertising

Brave’s blockchain helps to block unwanted ads and, via its Brave Rewards, enables users to reward frequented sites and their content creators with the company’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). BATs are a way of focusing attention on certain brands or content that users believe need more recognition. Brave’s ad blocker uses blockchain to track harmful ad popups and neutralize them before they can spread malware. The shields are completely customizable and on a per-site basis.

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