CAC Partners NIMC, Set To Replace Signatures With NIN For Business Registration


To make the business registration process seamless, the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, has partnered with the National Identity Management Commission, NIMC.

With the partnership, the National Identification Number, NIN, wants to replace signatures required by applicants for business and company registration across the country.

The Registrar-General of CAC, Alhaji Garba Abubakar revealed the development. He said that the CAC with NIMC has reached an advanced stage as part of its reform initiatives for effective service delivery.

Abubakar stated once implemented, the CAC might only require NIN enrolment numbers and not signatures to process registration as they are obtainable in other jurisdictions.

He added that the commission was lucky to have extremely talented, dedicated, and skilled employees who worked after hours to approve consumer applications.

Abubakar said that training and re-training of its members of staff in all sectors of its operations would continue to receive priority attention in a bid to achieve its mandates.

According to him, the commission will train 700 staff members by the end of the year as compared to 538 staff members trained in 2021.

According to Abubakar, more commission employees will have access to working equipment, and some of those tools would come from the World Bank.

He said that the work tools will allow them to approve registration requests even after regular business hours.

Abubakar urged employees to commit to their jobs, urging those in charge of approvals, in particular, to take precautions to avoid mistakes that could have been avoided.

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