Consumers Will Trade Data For More Tailored Streaming Ads: Study


Consumers are willing to share personal data in return for relevant streaming TV advertisements, Infillion found in a study that could have meaning for all media. 

Of the individuals polled, 73% say the ads they see are repetitive. But 50% see ads tailored to their interests as good or helpful. And 67% prefer add-supported streaming options to ad-free ones.

Consumers are willing to share gender (69%), age (65%), interest and hobbies (63%), ethnicity (60%), and household size and detailed data about purchases (56%) in return for more relevant ads. 

Despite that, 61% multitask during ad breaks in streaming content. 

In addition, consumers place certain values on their time. They believe than an 80-cent payout for a 30-second ad is reasonable, and 50% say that a 20-cent payout for the same length ad also reasonably values their attention. More than 40% say a single exposure is best. 

“The research underscores that in a new, more advanced media world, advertisers have an opportunity to capture more, not less, consumer time, attention and data,” states Jamie Auslander, senior vice president, research & analytics, Infillion.

Auslander adds, “This is an especially powerful call to arms for marketers who have been focused on shorter, fewer ads and asking for less relevant data. The research clearly suggests that relevancy and innovation are central to engagement in the future.”

In response to these findings, the company plans to launch XtendedView, a long-form video video ad unit up to two minutes in length that consumers opt in to watch, later this year.

Infillion surveyed 2,500 U.S. consumers.

Credit: Media Post

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