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EPL Tops World’s Soccer Broadcasting Revenue League With €3.5B


Newest research has shown that the English Premier League (EPL) generated the highest broadcasting revenue in the 2021/22 sports season. According to a recent research study by Safebetting sites, the English Premier League broadcasting revenue hit €3.5 billion at the end of last season.

The study also revealed broadcast earnings of Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, and the Netherlands’ Eredivisie.

EPL’s €3.5 billion is more than the broadcasting turnover of both La Liga and Bundesliga combined, with the two leagues grossing €2.04 billion and €1.46 billion respectively.

During the same period, The Italian Serie A generated €1.12 billion in broadcasting revenue, French Ligue 1 reported a turnover of €687 million, while Holland’s Eredivisie recorded €94 million.

Safebetting sites also revealed that the English Premier League has been able to sustain its lead in broadcasting revenue due to its global appeal, and the freedom that EPL clubs have to make their broadcasting right.

This has attracted the best players and coaches to the English Premier League, as it affords the clubs to offer competitive wages above payments made in other countries, with La Liga controlling commercial and marketing rights.

The report said, “The English Premier League is the richest football league in the world, and it’s no surprise that broadcasting rights are a major source of revenue.” adding that, “In 2021/2022, the EPL sold its global broadcast rights for €3.5B. This is a staggering sum, and it just shows how popular the EPL is worldwide.”

This massive yield is also reflected in the top 10  soccer clubs with the highest income in the 2020/21 season, as the English Premier League accounted for five of the clubs. Manchester City recorded €644 million in revenue, Manchester united grossed €557 million, Liverpool reported €550 million, Chelsea earned €465 million, while Tottenham posted €407 million.

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