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NIPR Citizens Summit: Experts Proffer Solutions To Nigeria’s Integration Challenges, Security Crises


Some public relations experts in Nigeria have identified solutions to the problems of integration and security crisis facing the country.

The experts made the call at the ‘Citizens Summit for National Integration, Peace and Security,’ organized by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, (NIPR)in Abuja themed, “Reopen Conversation, Rebuild Trust”.

While delivering his welcome address, President and Chairman of Council, NIPR, Muthtar Sirajo, said the council will be joining efforts with the government and other well-meaning citizens to drive the rebirth of Nigeria to a logical conclusion.

According to him, “The Institute believes no sacrifice is too much for a nation like Nigeria which God has bestowed with outstanding people and resources.

“It is for this reason that we challenge government organizations and individuals to always place Nigeria first above personal and any other interest”.

Management and Communications Specialist, Dr. Jossy Nkwocha, while delivering his keynote address titled, “Building Reputation of Excellence as Core National Asset: Framework: Strategies, Tools and Actions” urged the government to put the country first. And work in line with the pledge made in the national anthem, motto, and constitution.

In his words, “Let social justice, equity, federal character and all the ideals enshrined in the 1999 Constitution (as amended) be respected and implemented to reduce cries of marginalization.

“Let the Federal Government manage our diversities appropriately, knowing that the country has over 250 ethnic groups, each of which wants to enjoy the commonwealth.

“Let excellence, merit, best practice, innovations be the hallmark of government at all levels in Nigeria,” he said.

The lecture, which was moderated by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Strategy, Lagos State, Mr. Olushina Thorpe, also identified solutions to the security crisis in Nigeria.

“Let the Federal Government declare a national emergency on insecurity and deal decisively with all manner of banditry, terrorism, kidnapping, unknown gunmen, etc to stop the current bloodletting in the country.

“Let crime and criminality across the country be treated with equal intensity and severity, with no sacred cows whatsoever,” he declared.

Furthermore, Dr. Nkwocha said that when there is peace, unity, and security in Nigeria, the country will be the centre of attraction for tourists and investors.

“Let the Government develop all our tourism sites across the country to attract tourists.

“Let us use sports, movies, creative arts, our beautiful cultures and traditions to recreate and project a New Nigeria of our dream,” he said.

He also urged President Mohammadu Buhari to appoint a Minister on “Brand Nigeria”, whose responsibility would be to help the Government to build, monitor, manage and sustain a positive reputation for the country.

“Let the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria know that he is the Chief Reputation Officer (CRO) of the country and all his utterances, actions, and inactions can affect the reputation of the country.

“The NIPR should act as a moral compass across the country to get the government to do the right thing at the right time,” he advised.

In another vein, Professor Umaru Pate, the Vice-Chancellor of Federal University Kashere, Gombe State, said the absence of developing the opportunity to learn about national ties in Nigeria’s educational system has exacerbated the unity of the country and he tasked the government to utilize all the instruments of educational institutions to strengthen and create synergy for promoting unity, trust, equity, inclusion, and hope for a brighter future.

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